Be a Creative Clasher with Creative Clash!

Creative Clash is a board game that was crafted to test its players and let them form a creative team while taking on jobs. Not too enticing from the get go, but the board game lets various creative professionals relate to its theme, as it lets you experience advertising, marketing, along with branding, that are all well integrated within the game.

Made by the people of The Infantree, the Creative Clash gameplay may last for 30 to 60 minutes depending, with two to five players at most. According to The Infantree Co-Founder, Ryan Martin, “Our goal was to create a game that opened up the world of board games to creative types… We see the game as a little bit of therapy to help us laugh at the trials we face every day in our industry. If you’re looking to have a little fun challenging your friends and thwarting their efforts, then this game is for you.”

The game features 160 custom illustrated cards that feature various things, from employees, to jobs, to mayhem and rewards. The basic gameplay cards have the following:

Employees, who are played in the studio to help complete the projects at hand, while upgradeable with various skills to complete the best projects.

Experts, who are just like employees but somewhat special, they feature permanent skills.

Persons are also part of the game; they offer special bonuses. They may also cause havoc to players who are unready. Most should be used into play immediately, while others are free to be used whenever.

Events, which may include things that occur naturally in a creative setting. These are lively attack and defense cards that are played very carefully.

Principals are sets of special abilities that become your persona during the game; also define your Ego goal.

Skills, when used on your Employees, may help you with project completion. It also helps with earning coins and Ego.

Stuff, helps with Ego; spend your coins on these bad boys to reach your Ego goals faster than your opponents.

That’s Creative Clash in a nutshell, it’s a turn based board game that has several phases, several playable cards, and endless fun!