Dressing Your Website for the Occasion: Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner. Who couldn’t feel the chill in the air, the Christmas carols, and the spirit of Christmas and the holidays?

Coupled with this season is a season of spending – buying gifts for friends and loved ones, buying new things for the house, or spending on a holiday vacation with the family. Whichever it is, one thing is for sure – people will be spending.

As a consumer, your thoughts would be “Where to buy?” “What to buy?” “What are the greatest deals?”

But for a seller, your thoughts would run towards catering to these concerns and making sure that you get to offer what your costumers are looking for.

Now, let’s say you have the product and you have a platform to use to extend your products to the hands of your consumers. What now? The thing is, most people would be browsing online and looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Admit it, while there are still those that prefer going to the malls, walking in each store looking for the perfect gift, the number of people who enjoys the convenience of online shopping is growing by the hour.

This being said, it’s a must to equip your website with features that make the online shoppers’ lives even more convenient than it already is.

What you have to do is to design your site fit to the shopping spree.

In an article written by Volusion, there are tips on how you can make full use of your existing website and turning it into an easier manageable site that will make your visitors buy your products and more.

Here are some of the tips discussed in the article: Make use of the space and put large, clear photos of your products on the left then put the product description on the right. Since people normally read from left to right, seeing the product first will immediately grab their attention. The description will convince your customer that this is the product they need and, at the bottom of the description, neatly put the “Add to Cart” button for easy purchase. Add more photos to entice your customer more as well as the liberty to put longer product descriptions.

And because this is the season of giving, expect that your customers would be looking for multiple purchases. You can easily make this option available for them too.

Now that you’ve already convinced your customer to purchase some of your products, introducing your other products shouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish. You can achieve this goal through the “Product Accessories” option of the layout.

Achieving a personalized design for your website can be easily achieved by talking to a website developer and designer with the specific details you want to see and enable on your website. You will be surprised at how great a help an easy to navigate website can do to your business.