5 Creativity Killers You Should Avoid

Procrastination is one thing, but are we aware of the other things that could kill our creativity? Aside from fighting procrastination and looking for ways to be more productive, we should also be mindful of the things that could hinder us from getting creative. If we don’t know what’s stopping us, how can we fight it?


Here are some of the most devious creativity killers that every creative should be aware of.


Role Mismatch

Putting people in a position they aren’t suited for is one definite way of killing one’s creativity. Always remember that we cannot give what we don’t have. Pushing someone off their safe zone is different from pushing them into the danger zone. The result of this situation could cause personal effects that will crush a person’s creativity.


According to research, when people get the feeling of being “always rushed”, it will diminish their work by 6-9 points. Pressure will get the best of us and will cause us to struggle in keeping up. When you know you are in a position you don’t have enough skills for, or if you have placed a colleague in such a position, it is best not to rush output as more practice and learning is needed to get that level of creativity required. It’s always good to be busy and productive, but never rushed.


External Restrictions

A Harvard study shared that external restriction could shoot a bullet straight to our creativity and kill it. Strict rules and regulations that directly affect how you work as well as statements like “This is how we do things” and “We follow everything by the book” are statements that can mean “New ideas aren’t welcome here”.


Every creative output requires a standard to uphold. But it doesn’t mean that it should compromise any artistic expression.


Limited Resources

Physical resources – such as devices and materials – and other financial needs can easily be provided. The resources that can be difficult to acquire are intangible resources, such as time and enough knowledge and skills.


Creatives deal with problems much longer than non-creatives. They strive to see things in many different views to come up with the best solution. A situation like this demands more time and critical thinking. And having a limited amount of those resources is a silent killer of creativity.


Lack of  Varied Interests and Personalities in the Workplace

Being surrounded by people having the same interests and lifestyle as yours could provide sure working camaraderie. But being around people identical to you is like living in a creative bubble where no new ideas can come in. This could result in producing works not relatable to a wider audience and lack of innovation.



It is hard working in a creative industry, putting yourself out there, and getting your work criticized. Feedback and constructive criticism are good, but a regular dose of negative criticism is an obvious way of killing creativity. People experiencing this often give up easily when things are failing the first time rather than be motivated by the challenge of the project. This can discourage creatives to strive harder and think out of the box, knowing that you’ll never receive positive feedback.


Good use of the feedback process could benefit not only the creative but also their clients. Having a direct focus on how to improve the things needed to be worked on will lead the project into a much greater result and much better use of time than dealing with the things they don’t like about it.


The creativity killers mentioned above are essential things creatives must keep in their minds. But it is also necessary for the managerial end to recognize the things that would hinder their employees’ creativity.


That is why here at MicroCreatives, our teams of designers, web developers, and writers are equipped and ready to deter those creativity killers. Composed of diverse personalities, having the right resources, and clear communication, our team will provide creative services that will satisfy every client’s needs. So if you’re having any creative trouble with your business, make sure to contact us and we’ll lead your business to where it should be.