Habits of a Great Designer

Are there really steps or ways that will lead to the path of becoming a successful designer? Surely there are no definite set of rules; instead, it’s all about setting your goals, setting your strategies to achieve those goals, and developing the right habits.


Let’s focus on the habits. Each of our designers, as well as copywriters, animators, and web developers here at MicroCreatives has our own unique personality and habits that make us the best at what we do. Despite the differences though are the habits that are commonly evident in successful persons. What are, then, the habits you need to develop in order to become a great designer?


Focus on Your Niche

Design has many areas and it’s not impossible that you are skilled in a lot of them. Find the one that you do best and love doing most, and master that skill. Concentrate on being the best at that area to the point that you can build your name on it. When clients look for, let’s say, someone who’s a great illustrator or an expert in logo design, they will instantly think of you.


Make Time for Improvement

Along with knowing what you’re good at it is also important to know what you aren’t very good at. By identifying what needs improvement, you can slowly work on these things to become a well-rounded artist. Don’t stop practicing. Even if you think you’ve reached your peak, it’s always a good idea to take a refresher or even learn other ways to make work more efficient.


Always Look for Feedback and Inspiration

Be sure to get some feedback or constructive criticism, and don’t stop seeking the inspiration you need. Know which feedback is useful and which is not so useful. Just pick the ones you can learn from and not the ones bound to pull you down. Then, when you think you’ve made some improvements, try and ask for feedback again, if possible. You might need additional inspiration especially when you’re feeling a bit drained. Follow some of the more active designers online for daily updates.


Brand Yourself

Think of building your own brand. With all the inspiration you have gathered, make sure you don’t end up imitating others. From these inspirations, work on creating your own style, your own brand.


Stay Updated

To stay on top of the game, know the trends and everything that’s new. After all, design is continuously evolving and there will always be something new to learn every day. Follow our blogs to be updated with the latest in the world of design, copywriting, web development, motion graphics, animation, and anything creative! When choosing projects, if given the option, pick projects that you know won’t be out of style soon. At the same time, you should still make time for projects that are more basic and leaning toward the classic style. That way you can show versatility.


Do you think you have these habits? Then you are on your way to becoming a great designer, if not already! What else can you suggest for those who are just beginning? Let us know in the comments.