6 Habits that Make Up a Great Designer

Are there really steps or ways that will lead to the path of becoming a successful designer? Surely there are no definite set of rules; instead, it’s all about setting your goals, setting your strategies to achieve those goals, and developing the right habits.


Each of our designers here at MicroCreatives has our own unique personality and habits that make us the best at what we do. Despite the differences, though, are the habits that are commonly evident in successful persons. What are, then, the habits you need to develop in order to become a great designer?


Find Your Niche

Find what you’re good at and practice! Aim to be the best designer who always goes above and beyond client/user expectations. However, being the best designer can be pretty tricky since graphic design is a pretty broad area to work in and there’s no possible way to master all the aspects involved. What you can do is to focus on a few areas or just one area you know you’re great at and master your skills in that field. Concentrate on one thing you can be the best in the business. Bear in mind, though, that even when working within your niche, you shouldn’t limit your growth as a designer. Always practice whenever possible or challenge yourself to learn something new.


Work with Feedback

Always be open to and ask for feedback and suggestions, and learn more about what your clients or target audience want by asking better questions. The ability to handle feedback is an indispensable trait when it comes to working as a designer. People you work with, the target audience/users, and your clients will all have something to say about your finished work. It may even help you more to get negative feedback since it helps you learn through constructive criticism, while positive feedback is good as a morale booster. Make sure you’re only absorbing feedback and comments from people who matter, though. Do not listen to every single critic and do not work only to please others. Work within your limits, do not lose your identity, and stand your ground when you know you’re right. Stick to what you think is good and work with your style.


Stay Updated

Nowadays, people are always on their phones checking out, reading, and liking a lot of things found online. Use this as an opportunity to stay updated with design trends to constantly renew your bank and just continuously learn. Look for pages and blogs that match your interests and the design niche you would like to excel in. Design is known to always change and evolve. No matter how great you are, if you aren’t continuously updating your knowledge and skills, you’ll be left behind.


Be Detail-oriented

Clients trust your judgment and go to you for your expertise. It’s pretty much your responsibility to create a design that’s worth both your time. When you find yourself settling for something with a ‘that will do’ attitude, that’s when you know you need to take a step back and focus more on the details. Make sure your design is exactly how you envisioned it and never settle for less. Mistakes can cost your clients and that’s something you do not want to happen.


Seek Inspiration

As creatives, designers pretty much need to constantly draw from inspiration to make great designs. Help yourself out and pick a few designers who inspire you to be better. No need to copy their work since that could be counterproductive, but use these designers as inspiration and surround yourself in their good creative energy. In case you’re confused or find that you’re stuck, draw necessary inspiration from these sources and let the ideas flow!


Go Back to the Basics

Despite the ever-changing and evolving design trends, the basics of design will never fail you. They will always provide a good starting point when even your most beloved inspiration doesn’t do anything for you. Basics will never fail when your creative juices have run out.


Do you think you have these habits? Then you are on your way to becoming a great designer, if not already! What else can you suggest for those who are just beginning? Let us know in the comments.