Casual Staff Options through Outsourcing vs. Freelance and Crowdsourcing Websites

A casual staff or casual worker is a temporary employee who renders work on an irregular or flexible basis, or is hired only when needed – seasonally, or just to meet fluctuating demand for work. A casual staff doesn’t have a fixed-term contract like part-time and full-time employees do, and is usually paid by the hour. Employers looking for casual staff options typically consider hiring from an employment agency, an outsourcing company, and freelance or crowdsourcing websites.


In the Philippines, casual staff options are available through business process outsourcing (BPO), a booming industry in the country since 2011. Furthermore, casual staff options in the Philippines are also available from business-to-business (b2b) firms like creative agencies such as MicroCreatives. MicroCreatives, the creative services arm of MicroSourcing, a leading outsourcing company in the Philippines, offers creative outsourcing with services such as graphic design, web design, copywriting, web development, and animation.


When looking to subcontract your creative requirements, casual staff options through creative outsourcing present more advantages than hiring through freelance and crowdsourcing websites.




Through creative outsourcing, you can have a casual staff whenever you need one. Here at MicroCreatives, we already have an in-house team of designers, writers, web developers, and animators so you don’t need to wait for candidates to go through the hiring process before working for you.


Furthermore, looking for the right outworker from a pool of freelancers can be time consuming. At MicroCreatives, our creative services can be easily requested through e-mail and your projects are instantly scheduled for production once the assessment and proposal are agreed on. Creative outsourcing can also offer you a dedicated staff to work solely on your projects allowing for faster turnaround; unlike freelancers that may have other jobs they’re working on and therefore may not treat your projects as priority. Outsourcing with a creative agency also allows you to scale the tasks without the need to manage multiple freelancers.




Freelancers and those from a creative agency have the similarity of charging by the hour, although freelancers may typically be less expensive and may have negotiable rates. However, with freelancers and crowdsourcing sites, quality isn’t always guaranteed. You only get what you pay for, as the saying goes. And with low quality output, you may end up spending more in the long run.


On the other hand, with casual staff from creative outsourcing outfits, you also only pay for work rendered, but quality is always ensured as production goes through quality assurance checks before sending you the final output. The resources and quality systems are backed by the company, with no extra costs on your end.


MicroCreatives features flexible pricing setups – hourly, project-based, dedicated – to suit every project type and budget. With creative outsourcing, you will be dealing with a one-stop shop with complete creative services, unlike with crowdsourcing that each freelancer only has a specific skillset, which means that you need to manage different individuals (therefore different Points of Contact) and different rates.




MicroCreatives has a streamlined workflow and controlled quality system which includes project management and QA checks for internal revisions and all the resources, tools, and software needed to make sure that the creative service provided meets, or even exceeds, your expectations. If you have your own processes, our creative team is also open to adjust.


As previously mentioned, quality of outputs from freelancers and crowdsourcing sites isn’t always guaranteed. Not only because of cheaper rates and less resources and support, but inconsistency in quality can also be an issue. This is because different freelancers, in different parts of the world, are working on different tasks. With creative outsourcing agencies, you are assured of consistent high quality output. You can have a dedicated worker if you require, and a set of casual staff if you need to hire more than one.


The team of designers, writers, animators, and developers at MicroCreatives works together in one office, making it easy for coordination. With your creative team working under one roof, better project management also applies where follow-up of project status will be easier, compared to following up with work-from-home freelancers with uncertain schedule or availability. In a creative services agency, your main Point of Contact (POC) will be the vertical leader, acting as your representative to oversee and keep the project on track. You can also directly communicate with the casual staff during the production process.




With creative outsourcing companies, there is a much lower data security risk, and escalation is easier if ever problems occur with the handling of your project. MicroCreatives only uses genuine software and tools that are regularly updated. Your data is also safe with us as files are regularly backed up during the development stage. We also offer legal protection with NDAs and SLA compliance, as well as other relevant contracts.


As far as credentials are concerned, our creative team members went through all the required hiring processes by our company, making sure that our employees’ qualifications and skills are true and valid. Unlike with crowdsourcing, you are exposed to the risk that the casual staff you are hiring online may have fabricated credentials, which most freelancer and crowdsourcing websites do not verify.