Motion Graphics Resource: FREE After Effects Templates!

Templates are cool because they serve as pre-developed frameworks that we can model our work on, and they are especially useful if we are short on time.  In the case of using After Effects, templates can help motion graphics artists learn more about After Effects techniques by taking apart templates. After Effects templates also offer the flexibility that allows animators to tweak and customize them to create a custom motion graphics look without having to start from scratch. You know what’s cooler than templates? Free templates, of course! In this article, we have gathered six sets of free After Effects templates that can help animators in their next motion graphics project.


Color Grading Presets


Filters and presets add a unique custom look and style to images and videos. Color grading in After Effects sets the mood and adds life to your motion graphics. Download and install 20 free After Effects color grading presets compiled by Premium Beat.


Realistic Fire Effect

After Effects Fire Effect

Realistic simulated fire is one of the most challenging effects to create in After Effects. RocketStock will show you how to create realistic fire effects in After Effects using native plugins. Download this free After Effects fire effect preset including tutorials on how to use this effect more effectively.




In animation, scenes are stitched together by smooth transitions. You can use built-in tools to create common transitions like fade in and fade out, dissolve, and others, but custom transitions add more creativity to your projects. Here are 16 free After Effects transitions from Premium Beat.


Circle Bursts

Circle bursts are great to put emphasis on important parts of your animation. This free circle burst After Effects template by RocketStock includes a set of 2D circle burst assets, perfect for flat shape layer animations, which are the design trend nowadays.


Split Layers


This free After Effects split layers template by RocketStock features nine types of layers that will bring life to your motion graphics project. This will save motion graphics artists a lot of time as well as money as a script or template can usually be expensive.


Animated Font


Another gift from Rocket Stock is this set of animated font After Effects template that features more than 43 compositions. Add customized animated text to your next animation project with this template. In order to use this template, you must have Helvetica Neue installed on your computer.


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