Child-Friendly Advertising… In Space!

“Space: the final frontier…” and “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

Do I have your attention now? Good!

Adults aren’t the only people fascinated with outer space and its still unexplored secrets. All sorts of media from films, TV shows, and video games keep coming back to explore outer space in a myriad of ways. I’m sure that out of all the people you know- from adults, to teenagers and kids – there will be a handful who own space-themed items ranging from books to figures and DVDs.

From outer space we move closer to home- let’s take a look at sick children. More often than not, getting them to take their medicine is not an easy task. It’s as if their brains are hard-wired into thinking that medicine means yucky, icky stuff. This is problematic since delaying medication means prolonging their sickness. Although there are a handful of children who are well-behaved enough to obey their parents without a fuss, younger kids might be an entirely different case.

Thank goodness for Mary Poppins and her “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” trick, right?

Enter Carljin Evenboer, a graphic designer based in the Netherlands who took a page out of Mary Poppin’s awesome book. Evenboer came up with the concept branding and identity work for medical packaging aimed at sick children who need medicine to get better. Called ‘First Aid Spacepower,’ Evenboer’s graphic design took space-themed elements like androids, rockets, and spaceships to make medical packaging fun for kids.

Evenboer also came up with the idea for a special effervescent tablet that can be taken via a milkshake- making medicine not only fun but delicious- the perfect item for young children.

First Aid Spacepower Medicine

‘First Aid Spacepower’


The 'First Aid Spacepower' logo

The ‘First Aid Spacepower’ logo


Cystosica Tablets Instructions Image

Instructions on how to use the Cystosica tablets.


All the items in the 'First Aid Spacepower' kit

All the items in the ‘First Aid Spacepower’ kit.


Space-themed Barcode Image.

Even the barcode is space-themed!