Will the New M&M’s Packaging Melt Your Heart?

The beloved classic enjoyed around the world, an icon of our childhood – M&M’s chocolate candies – now gets a makeover with a brand new packaging design to make it more presentable and give off a more “sophisticated, grown-up” feel.

Alyssa Phillips, an aspiring graphic designer from Brooklyn, New York has actually done such – giving the packaging a redesign to make it more presentable.

Phillips opted to make use of a structured geometric look (instead of the standard plastic wrappers the chocolate snack is known for) wherein the new packaging also mimics the round shape of its candy. The candies were also renamed “M’s” for a more modern touch.

Redesigned M&Ms Header



Each small packet was made of cardboard so that a single serving size could fit comfortably in a person’s hand. In case the packets can’t be finished, the cardboard packet also comes with a resealable tear strip.


A countertop display for parties was also made by Phillips. A larger cardboard box with an indented bottom was used so that single serving packets could perfectly fit into it – functional and fashionable at the same time.


What do you think of this concept redesign for M&M’s?

Individual M&Ms Packaging Image


Different View of Redesigned M&Ms Packaging Image

M&M’s first came out in cardboard tubes.

M&Ms Individual Packaging Image


Will it still melt your heart?