CMYK Color Swatch Calendar 2016

Many designers and other creative individuals love collecting items that are fun and quirky, exude their personality, and at the same time, useful. For 2016, Verlag Hermann Schmidt published the third international edition of the Color Swatch Calendar, which can be very useful for color identification and matching. This is a must-have for color lovers!


CMYK Color Swatch Calendar 2016


The CMYK Color Swatch Calendar 2016 calendar is not your ordinary day tracker where you can write notes on and rip and throw away when the day or month is over. This calendar features 371 new and unique CMYK colors along with a box where you can keep them.


Color Swatch Calendar Set


Each day has a corresponding CMYK color stripe, with its exact CMYK data, that can be teared off and combined with other colors to create a color scheme. The set also includes bookbinder screws for easier color matching. The color stripes are printed on coated and uncoated paper on 210 g/m2 two-sided chromo cardboard from renowned paper company Fedrigoni.


CMYK Color Stripes

Color stripes with box and bookbinder screws


You can purchase the CMYK Color Swatch Calendar 2016 from,, Amazon, or


The CMYK Color Swatch Calendar 2016 is a perfect gift for print designers and those working in the printing industry. Here at MicroCreatives, our team takes on design projects that are for printing and therefore uses the CMYK system; RGB, on the other hand, is used for digital design projects.


Images from Behance.