5 FREE Online Color Resources

In all corners of the Internet you will find all kinds of design resources and tutorials, including those involving color. To help you which color resource to use for your design, we feature the top online resources available on the subject of color. And guess what? These resources are free!

  1. Mudcube Color Sphere – Mudcube makes use of a color sphere where users can get the hex numbers of each of the selected color, as well as helps with building up a lovely color scheme that’s pleasing to the eyes.

Mudcube Color Sphere


  1. Color Hailpixel – The color website by Hailpixel provides color help for designers looking for the right combination of colors by just hovering the mouse all and across the website screen. On top of the right color, the website also provides the hex code for the color of choice, to be placed used as the designer sees fit.

Color Hailpixel online resource


  1. CheckMyColours – The CheckMyColours website lets visitors “check” the available colors found on any website with a link provided on the website’s checker. The website checker gets accurate colors through the algorithms suggested by the W3C or World Wide Web Consortium. Tthe free-to-use website was created by web designer Giovanni Scala.



  1. Paletton – Formerly under the name Color Scheme Designer, Paletton is among the simple yet effective color website tools that allow users to create color schemes and randomize palettes, among other functions. The website’s color wheel is simple and manageable, easy enough for beginners.

Paletton color tool


  1. RALcolors – The RAL color standard website has a color matching system that mainly works with paints, plastics, and coatings. The website has HTML values per color closest to the RAL equivalent as possible.

RAL color standard website


Our designers at MicroCreatives make use of available online tools as well as up-to-date design software to draw inspiration from, get and create the most effective and suitable color schemes and design elements, and to produce a creative design that best works with the client’s requirements.