Creative Typography for a More Enticing Food Ad

Nowadays, using unconventional methods of advertising is the new “conventional.” With the Internet expanding the medium for marketing products in millions of ways possible, consumers now tend to have a shorter attention span. But it all goes back to the basic principles of creating ads: to sell products.


UK-based award-winning art director and illustrator, Sean Freeman, came up with brilliant and extremely enticing typographic ads for Indian curry brand Patak’s. His website, THERE IS, contains his expansive work, which has been featured in several brands, exhibitions, and publications worldwide. He specializes in “creative typography, illustration, and art direction.”


In the example below, Freeman used a variety of spices needed to make curry paste from scratch to spell out the dreary process using elaborate, vivid typography. The right side simply encourages viewers to just pick up a jar of Patak’s prepared curry paste. Pretty neat, huh?


Here at MicroCreatives, we are always on the lookout for unique and out-of-the-box ways to put a twist on our design projects, and Sean Freeman’s works are definitely an inspiration.