Four Important Areas of Business-to-Business Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered one of the most effective techniques for generating sales and disseminating information, even with business-to-business (b2b) marketing. However, many b2b marketers are still struggling with how they can put content marketing into a deliberate context, on how content marketing can contribute to the sales and marketing mission of b2b enterprises. In this blog, we will discuss the four significant areas of b2b content marketing – the strategic areas where content marketing is relevant and when executed properly, will ensure sales and achieve marketing mission.


Thought Leadership

Thought leaders are those entities that are trusted and considered as an expert in their field. When going this direction for b2b content marketing, the content must be insightful, establishing the company’s expertise and credibility – that the company knows its stuff and has been doing it flawlessly ever since. This will demonstrate the company and the team as a trusted resource, and will more than create awareness, but also strong business relationships. Materials with this type of content come in the forms of video interviews with executives, strategic white papers, keynote speeches, and books.


Lead Generation

More often than not, b2b services are solutions to problems; thus comprehensive information on these solutions is essential in order to generate interest and inquiry. Effective forms of lead generation offer include case studies and research reports that provide useful statistics, case examples, and how to’s – these are the materials that business buyers are willing to trade their contact info for. Of course, in addition to substantial content, the material should also come in an appealing and legible format, with a strong call to action and appropriate landing page.



Gone are the days of keyword-stuffing and link-building to gain high search engine rankings. SEO content should now comprise real content demonstrating business value. The content must also be kept fresh and updated. When creating search engine optimized content, organize it by industry, company size, and buying role to boost organic rankings, as well as for a clean and comprehensive content.

Lead Nurturing

More important than generating new leads is making the most of the existing ones. Lead-nurturing programs can achieve higher conversion rates. These programs include outbound communications that contain valuable and relevant content that aims to keep the target interested until they gain the desire and take action to inquire about the service.