Ultimate List of Useful Websites for Graphic Designers

Whether you are a beginner graphic designer or already an expert, it’s always great to have all the tools and resources you need at hand. Not only do they help you work more efficiently, but they also help enhance your skills. After all, graphic design trends, technologies, and techniques always develop and even pros need to continuously learn to keep up with the times.


Here at MicroCreatives, we are always on the lookout for websites that help lighten the load through free resources and assets, and even sources of inspiration to help overcome creative block. We’re sure you have a few sites bookmarked, but we’ve gathered up a few more to add to your archive.




Dribble’s website says that it is “a show and tell community for designers.” But aside from getting to see what other designers are working on and getting inspiration from them, you can also find free resources under the “freebie” tag. Sign up for an account and type “freebie” in the search bar and variety of free PSDs, mockups, UI kits, and more will appear, along with accounts you can follow that mainly offers freebies.


DB Freebies


If you want to check out the freebies on Behance and Dribble, good news: you can now go to a single place and see the freebies from both websites. DB Freebies collects the best freebies from Behance and Dribble and groups them into different categories, such as icons, fonts, templates, and more, so you can easily filter and find the resources according to your needs.




Flat design is all the rage recently and there’s a website dedicated to providing a wide range of free vector icons that come in different formats. FlatIcon claims to be the “largest database of free icons,” currently home to approximately 600,000 vector icons. Download the FlatIcon plugin so you can directly access the icons when you’re using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects.




Iconfinder is home to over two million free and paid SVG icons. If you only want to browse the free icons, click “Icon sets” and click the “Free” button so that only the free icon sets will be displayed. The website also features an Icon Editor where you can customize your chosen icon to make it more suitable for your design project.


Icon Deposit


While Icon Deposit focuses on showcasing a catalog of free icons, it also features other design freebies, including mobile app UIs, mockups, and buttons, to name a few. Anyone can be a member and submit icons that other designers can use. Further, it also contains blogs for news and the latest offerings, as well as design tutorials that are not limited to using icons.


Brands of the World


Copying or saving the logo from a brand’s website just won’t do when you need to incorporate it into your design. The professional way to do it is to use high-quality logos. Designers from around the world upload vector logos to Brands of the World where you can download them for free. You can also upload your own work to the website to receive ratings and feedback from other designers. You can also give your critique to other works as well.




Freebiesbug contains free design resources that both graphic designers and web developers can use. The website is very user-friendly; it has a search bar for when you know specifically what you’re looking for and categories that group the free design assets into file types and according to the software used. The design resources available range from PSDs, templates, and fonts to stock photos, UI kits, and plugins and frameworks for front-end developers.




Claiming to be the “leading search engine of free vector designs,” Freepik is a catalog of free vectors that is updated daily. Aside from vector designs, the website also has downloadable illustrations, icons, PSDs, and stock photos. Most of the resources from Freepik are free for commercial use with attribution. If you are a Premium member, you can have access to exclusive content and can use the resources without attribution.




FreeVectors is a community of designers who share vectors that are free for personal use. You can also find many vectors here that are free for commercial use. Although the resources are not categorized, the website has a search bar that allows you to search for tags.




This website compiles the top free graphics from the web. You can find here, stock photos, vectors, fonts, icons, wallpapers, and even brushes, styles, gradients, patterns, textures, and clipart. 1001FreeDownloads currently feature thousands of free downloadable design resources and does regular updates. In addition, the website also produces its own exclusive free vectors.




As one of the older archives of graphic design freebies, 365psd offers almost any design asset you can think of, such as buttons, icons, web elements, and more that come in PSDs and vectors that can be downloaded for free. Aside from the freebies, the website also contains premium graphics.




True to its name, GraphicBurger features “tasty design resources made with care for each pixel” and that will satisfy your design cravings. This website’s high-quality design resources are all for free for personal and commercial use. If you’re looking for a more modern and unique style, this is the place to go.




CSSAuthor is another great asset resource for designers and developers. Aside from the free icons, mockups, UI kits, templates, and more, it also has collections of resources for different CMS and coding platforms, as well as blogs and tutorials.




Kuler, an Adobe CC service, is the go-to resource when you need help with colors. Just adjust the dots in the color wheel and it will show you sets of analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades, and custom colors to choose from. It also provides the RGB and HEX codes for your convenience.


Information Aesthetics


This blog is a haven for all things related to infographics and data visualization. Designed and maintained by Andrew Vande Moere, an Associate Professor at KU Leuven University in Belgium, Information Aesthetics features the best and most creative infographics around the world that can be your inspiration for your next infographic project.


Noun Project


Another resource for iconography, Noun Project features over one million royalty-free icons, with new icons added daily by its community of creators from different parts of the world. What makes Noun Project different from other icon depositories is that it can be easily integrated into your workflow by downloading its app that can be used by Mac, Google, Adobe, and Microsoft users.


Fonts In Use


According to its website, Fonts In Use has a “goal of improving typographic literacy and appreciation.” And committing to its goal, this public typography archive has an extensive collection of typography that is indexed according to typeface, format, and the industry they are commonly used. This is a great resource for typographers and designers looking for inspiration as well as when you need help identifying a certain typeface.


Brain Pickings


Having a creative block? Then it’s time pick someone else’s brains for inspiration! Brain Pickings is a go-to “human-discovery engine for interestingness,” for when you need some creative inspiration. This website contains must-read articles that aim to motivate and inspire creatives, with subjects including art, culture, psychology, history, design, and illustration, to name a few.


Grain Edit


Need inspiration for vintage-style design? Grain Edit features design work from the 1950s-1970s, as well as more current designs that were inspired by the aesthetics of that time period. In addition, you can also find here interviews with designers where they talk about their work and some design tips. The website also features designers’ bookshelves where you can see what designers around the world are collecting and reading.




Web and digital designers upload their works in this award site where users vote for the top design of the day, month, or year. Aside from getting feedback from the community regarding the design, usability, creativity, and content of your work, the website is also a nice place to get design inspiration for web design and digital design.


Digital Arts


Aside from magazine articles on graphic design, animation, video, and all things about digital design, the website also has tutorials on different design techniques on different design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.




Flickr has a Creative Commons section where you can find photography and imagery under Creative Commons license. Refer to the legend on the right to know what the symbols mean and to guide you on the limitations of the asset that you will download.


Premium Pixels


Born out of the need for a particular style of Photoshop brush, Premium Pixels is created by UK-based web designer Oman Clark and features design resources and files, including vectors, icons, templates, mockups, WordPress themes, and more.




If you’re looking for free Photoshop brushes, patterns, and textures, Brusheezy is the place to go. All the Photoshop-resources found in this site are free to download, as well as free to use, depending on the license.


UI Space


UI Space is the place to be for UI designers looking for graphic design freebies. The website’s collection of free, high-quality resources includes mockups, fonts, vectors, templates, UI kits for Sketch, and scripts.




This blog focuses on sharing design resources, tips, and tutorials. It also releases monthly featured freebies and deals, as well as discounted bundles.


PSD Repo


PSD Repo is a minimalistic and easy-to-navigate website that contains free PSD resources, including buttons, mockups, icons, mobile design templates, as well as website and landing page design templates, along with plugins and UI kits.


Google Fonts


Google Fonts is a directory of open source designer web fonts. All fonts here are compatible to be viewed on the web and can be used in any web design project. In addition to free, open source fonts, the website also has suggestions on the best font pairings that you can try, as well as analytics on usage and demographics.


What Font is


If you want to know the name of a certain font used in an image, upload the JPG, GIF, or PNG image to the website and it identifies the font for you. Make sure that there is one line of text in the image. The website also only recognizes Latin letters and numbers.




Through Pixabay, you can browse and download high-quality images, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos that are free for personal and commercial use under the CC0 license.


Death to Stock


If you are looking for free-to-use images that are more unique and specific than the generic stock photos, Death to Stock sends original, high-quality images to your email inbox every month.


New Old Stock


For design projects that involve vintage photography and some events from history, you can get vintage photos from New Old Stock. The website contains old photos collected from public archives. These photos are free to use and are without known copyright restrictions.


Color Hunt


To help you save time making different color palette options that will go best for your design, Color Hunt has thousands of four-color combinations to choose from. You can browse by date or by popularity. Each combination has a number of “likes” to determine its level of popularity among visitors.




Powered by MailChimp, Pictaculous generates a color palette based on the image you will upload. This is a nice tool to help you save time creating a color palette that will go best with an image. Pictaculous only allows you to upload image files in PNG, GIF, and JPG, and they should be 500k or less in size.


One Page Love


Go to One Page Love if you’re looking for inspiration for one-page website designs. The website also offers free templates and design resources.


Really Good Emails


Digital marketing is all the rage today, including email blasts and newsletters. Really Good Emails feature email design for inspiration, as well as resources and articles on designing beautiful emails.


Mobile Patterns


Learn how to overcome UX flows for your mobile app with the help of Mobile Patterns. It is a community of mobile app designers and developers where screenshots of iOS and Android app designs are shared to serve as a reference for other designers and developers.


Creative Market


Creative Market is a community of independent creators and a platform for their design content. The site features over a million ready-to-use design assets from over 24,000 creatives. As the website’s name suggests, this is a marketplace where you can buy design assets; however, exclusive freebies are also available every week.




Moat provides analytics and measurement solutions for brand advertisers and publishers. Its website is also a useful tool for designers and digital marketers to get inspiration from past ad campaigns from different brands. Search a brand and the website will display all the ad campaigns, banners, and animated ads of that brand.


Font Squirrel


Font Squirrel is one of the most popular and extensive font websites, offering hundreds of open source typefaces that are free for commercial use. The site also has a Webfont Generator and a Font Identifier.




Aside from offering an extensive collection of free and paid typefaces, Fontshop also features useful font tools and plugins, such as the live Tryout where you can test the fonts on the go, WhatThe Font that helps you identify the font used by simply taking a snapshot of the typography or design, and the FontBook app, available in iOS, which is a typographic reference tool. For beginners, the website also has a Glossary of common terms.


Webdesigner Depot


This website is a go-to for web designers for insights on trends, design, and UX, as well as other topics that web designers experience such as freelancing, working with clients, among others.




Beat designer’s block by creating mood boards to boost inspiration. Although it is quite easy to navigate and use, the website has a page dedicated on explaining its features, including a tutorial video on getting started with your mood board. It also has an app so that you can access Niice easily on your mobile devices.




This creative community is where you can find user-created and shared color inspirations, including palettes and patterns. It also provides design tools such as trying out your own seamless pattern and creating color palettes out of your uploaded photo.




Ideabook features tutorials and an inspiration blog that shares ideas and resources related to print and web design, marketing, advertising, illustration, typography, technology, and even copywriting.


Adobe Typekit


Adobe Typekit allows users to use “real fonts” on their websites by adding a line of code. The website makes using fonts more convenient – using fonts on Typekit means you won’t have to deal with font files and licenses. Typekit fonts can also be easily synced through Adobe CC.




This website is a popular platform where designers from all over the world showcase their design in different types of media. There are also users that shares fonts, vectors, templates, and Photoshop brushes for free.




This website offers digital pictures (or textures) of different kinds of materials, including fabrics, wood, metal, and plastic. The website allows the user to download up to 15 images for free every day, which you can use as a pattern or background on graphic design and visual effects projects, as well as any other situation.


Brush King


Brush King is run by a French designer, Thomas Beal, and offers free and top quality Photoshop brushes. As of writing, the website has over 9,000 brushes that have been downloaded over 47 million times.


Multicolr by TinEye


Can’t find the right image to match a specific color scheme? Just select the color combination and TinEye’s Multicolr tool will extract the colors from 20 million Creative Commons images on Flickr to help you find the perfect image.


Even the most veteran designers need a boost every now and then. These websites, including the free design resources and tools are not only sources of inspiration and a great help on speeding up the process, but also help designers understand the process.


Comment below if you have any other site you can recommend to other designers!