Who’s the bigger man? – Freelancing VS Agency


Illustration by Jack Page

They say there has been an unending, yet silent professional competition between freelancers and agencies on bagging clients for their web design and visual design projects. It’s true. Everyone thinks that agencies always go against other agencies. But there are different advantages and disadvantages for each. As we all know, freelancers and agencies work differently setup-wise, but generally they bring in the same results. But the question relies on “who is better at selling?.”


Illustration by Adam Garson

How different is it to work with an agency and a freelancer?

  • A Group Of People At Your Service
    Working either freelance or with an agency has its own fulfillments. With agencies, you get to work with a group of professional and passionate individuals with specific job titles handling anything from direct client meetings, organizing proposals, designing for different branches of work, to presenting. In freelancing, all of this will be done by the freelancer.
  • Faster Turnaround Time

    As mentioned above, working freelance gives you one man to do the entire job. Aside from being the web designer or visual designer, freelancers are their own salesman. With agencies you can expect a group of people doing things simultaneously.  Someone is assigned to answer to calls, meet with the clients, organize the details of the proposal, and to design the said project. That’s why it is faster in terms of turnaround time to give a project to an agency because they work with the economic theory of Division of Labor.

  • Experience
    The difference in terms of work opportunities with freelancers and agencies are the types of work that they can get. When it comes to working with bigger brands, the agency has better chances of working with them. There are times when freelancers can sell their ideas to big brands and companies too, but the chances are that agencies have the sure hand in acquiring these types of projects. The experience that agencies have by getting bigger projects can say a lot about their work ethic.

Image by Soda Garson

In the end really it all boils down to one point. There really is no competition between agencies versus freelancers. The main objective of both should be focused on one thing: Your Client. Getting worried over your competition will draw your attention from the project and in turn you will adjust yourself to your competition and not your client requirements.  Being able to understand your client’s pains, wants, dilemmas, and desires will show better outcomes and it turn land you that seal of approval to get the job.