Fail-proof Techniques to Ace that Client Pitch

In the world of creatives, there are a lot of ways you can present your sales pitch. Mood boards are one of them, among many others whose main goal is to create a great impression to potential clients and get their most coveted YES.


A good client pitch is one that can grab and hold your audience’s attention from start to finish. But how you present your client pitch can depend on the nature of your business, the product or service you are promoting, and the person you are presenting to. What is effective for others might not work for you, and vice versa. But however your sales pitch needs to be presented, there are the common elements in each pitch that when executed flawlessly, will win you more clients in no time.


What are the fail-proof techniques to ace that client pitch? Allow us to let you in on some of the secrets to creating the perfect client pitch.



Just because you are the one presenting doesn’t mean you should be the only one talking. Get your audience involved. Getting them engaged in your presentation will most likely get them hooked. Ask them questions and allow them to ask questions; let them tell you more about them.


Subtle and Natural

Hard selling doesn’t always work. It sometimes can be off-putting especially when it seems like you’re just after the sales more than creating a relationship with the client. A more effective approach is to make a friendly conversation. Create trust and get the audience involved naturally. Make yourself familiar before pitching your product or service subtly.


Anticipate Questions

Along with allowing the other party to participate in the conversation by letting them ask and answer questions, is to anticipate what they might ask and lay out all the answers. Nothing beats a presentation with complete information pitched by a prepared presenter. Talk about the problems your product or service can solve, and talk about the solutions. Now the remaining questions you want to hear are “What else can you do?” and “When can we start?”



Everything is done digitally now. With almost everything accessible over the internet, it is a great place for clients to remember you. Always have a soft copy of your sales pitch and proposal that you can send over email. Online correspondence also makes it easy to keep in touch and follow up leads.


Get Help from Professionals

At MicroCreatives, our proposals and pitches are custom fit to whom we will be presenting and their type of business. And it’s not just our own pitches we care about, we can help you with your creative needs too! Create the perfect pitch with all the elements above, plus tons of creativity! We have copywriters for your copy and content needs, web developers for your landing pages, and animators and designers for your visual presentation.