Ways to Get Your Brand or Business Noticed

As time passes, it gets easier to start a business. But with the fierce competition, what should you do to grab consumer attention and stand out from the crowd? To make it easier for your brand, business, or product to get noticed among the saturation, Creative Market shared a guide to help you up the ante. First of all, the probability of your business standing out from the rest will become higher if you offer something different or new to consumers. Being unique or at least doing things “not completely the same” as the others can make a huge difference to whatever outcome you wish to get.


Go Against the Flow


Direct competitor or not, if you see other businesses doing well with their product or because of how they sell it, it doesn’t mean you will achieve the same result if you sell the same product or do the same method. Copying the bestseller may generate sales in the short term, especially if what you’re selling costs less. But in the long run, consumers will still go for the brand they already trust. It may be tempting to just follow the footsteps of a well-known brand, product, or service provider, but by making something similar to something already very well known, you make yourself into a ‘me too’ brand, comparable to generic supermarket brands that are a dime a dozen, surely not a way to stand out.


Get Personal with Your Target Market


Creating good customer relationship is one way to build your reputation. Reach out to your customers by sending them brand, product, or service reminders; engage in a bit of interaction along with asking for just enough feedback to know where you’re at; and also, listen. It can take a bit more time than normal but customers will appreciate the effort and makes for a satisfied loyal customer in the long run. And along with loyal customers also come new ones who have learned about your business through word of mouth or referral.


Offer Something (That You Could Actually Sell) for Free


Pick a product or service, or a portion of it, that you usually sell, and make it available for free – as a special limited-time-only promo, as a trial or offering to new customers, or as a thank you to loyal customers. It may seem counter-productive to add freebies to your expenses when you want to earn more, but the truth is everyone loves free stuff. This lets you get your brand, product, or service known, while also getting a bit of (sometimes unsolicited) feedback after testing. Always remember that everything is an investment and if you work hard enough, it will pay off. Remember: don’t be stingy with your freebies since the last thing you want is to disappoint your potential customers, or worse, lose the trust of your existing customers.


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