8 Game Changers of the Web Design Landscape

When looking for tools and platforms at the forefront of web design innovation, something that will help spark inspiration and quick deliverance are the qualities to check. With lots of planning, optimizing, and coding that comes in building a website, web designers and developers seek help from modern innovations in the web design landscape to build a website that’s up to every user demand.


From heavy lifting codes, visual interface to advance text editors, listed below are web design tools and software that aid web creators in building a website line-by-line. By providing premium features, advice and quality results, these game changers heighten the industry standards. Check them out and see what you haven’t been using yet!




As a digital design toolkit, Sketch provides features such as simple animations and clickable prototypes. A cloud component known as Libraries provides a collaborative avenue that has images and symbols that can be shared and work on together. Another feature is the FontRapid tool where fonts can be customized according to the website’s design.


Adobe Dreamweaver CC


Appealing to both skilled and novice users, this is the well-known web design tool of the century. It is a user-friendly tool that gives you an option to choose a level you want to work with based on your skill set. Based on that, Dreamweaver mediates its showcased features to show and provides its users an option to perform complex tasks as you work on it. One of its advanced features includes a “live view.” This enables designers to preview their work-in-progress websites and provides support for certification and a dedicated workspace for developers.




Slack works as a great communication platform for teams. It allows for an effective consolidation of all your communication needs in one app. Available for free, for unlimited people to be added to teams, Slack is great for general conversations and file sharing, among others. Just like here at MicroCreatives, we work as a team for every client needs. Slack may be a farfetched tool for web development, but its contributions build for a better teamwork and collaboration, thus winning the Game Changer of the Year in Net Awards 2015.




InVision has been one of the top game changers in the digital product design platform field. With tools like element library, photography, navigation flows, and a prototype tool, it allows web designers to have a makeshift model of the websites with clickable elements responsive for both desktop and mobile interface.


Atom Text Editor


Known as a “hackable text editor for the 21st Century,” Atom is an open source editor for advanced editing and heavy coding. Atom can quickly spot and identify bugs and security glitches due to its open source nature. It also supports many programming languages and automatically color-code and organize it base on your choice of language and has an autocomplete feature for writing codes. One of its defining features includes a “minimap” that provides an easier management of multiple files concurrently.


Chrome DevTools


A top choice for users and developers alike, Chrome is making waves with their new development called the Chrome DevTools. It is a set of web developer tools directly built into the Google Chrome browser which makes editing pages and website diagnosis easier and faster. It offers free features such as debugging options for JavaScript, style application for HTML elements, website speed reports, and an active DevTools community. This web development browser is a perfect tool for neophytes in the web development field.


Material Design


Material Design is a visual language that combines the principles of a good design with the innovation of science and technology to back it up. It houses tools such as Material Theme Editor that allows you to create customized symbols and themes based on your choice of color, shape, and typography. It has a library of stylized icons available, a Color tool for discovering new hues and captivating palettes, and a Gallery to share, upload, and present your design. The Material System helps in enhancing the design as it unifies the tools and components backed by open-source code, creating a unique digital experience.



With the concept of “smart codelessness,” Webflow is a cloud-based service for web designers with no knowledge of coding. Because of its drag and drop interface, It allows its users to select and drop their preferred elements – text and images – to readily available templates. Aside from the codelessness aspect, Webflow also provides clean and succinct codes that are automatically written for you.


These web design game changers are shaping new ways and breaking the boundaries of how we build and design websites and landing pages. Check them out and see which best suits the needs of your brand. And if you’re still having a hard time deciding, MicroCreatives is here to help. With our team of web developers, graphic designers, animators, and content writers, we’re sure to help you build a website that is far from just looking good. Contact us and we’ll help you dominate the digital game.