Game Changers of the Web Design Landscape

When looking for tools and platforms at the forefront of web design innovation, some of the leading providers or ‘game changers’, have been listed below. This list has been based on the long-running net awards, an award-giving body that simply celebrates all the good things the Internet has to offer. Click on the name of the game-changing web tool/platform and see what you haven’t been using yet!


Top Web Design Tools and Platforms:


1. Sketch – As a “Professional Digital Design (studio) for Mac” Sketch is said to be made for modern graphic designers, through its flexible workflow supported for various multiple pages and artboards. Also, it can be mostly utilized for countless design interfaces, websites, icons, and more.



2. Slack – Works as a great communication platform for teams. It allows for an effective consolidation of all your communication needs in one app. Available for free, for unlimited people to be added to teams, Slack is great for general conversations and file sharing, among others.

3. ReactJS – Works as a JavaScript library that works for building user interfaces. ReactJS or simply React works out the DOM from you, allowing for an easier and simpler programming that provides even better performance.



4. NPM – Also handles JavaScript, NPM is a JavaScript package manager that works with Bower, Grunt, Browserify, Gulp, and more.

5. Material Design – A visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design, Material Design makes use of various innovative tech and science possibilities.