Convince Your Market with These Copywriting Tools

Copywriting is not exactly the easiest of tasks. There is a big difference between writing ordinary text and creating website content. The usual aim of content is to inform its readers about an issue, a burning topic, or a discovery. It can also be written for entertainment. On the other hand, web content aims to convince people to do something in response to the goods and services provided by a company. In other words, the purpose of web content is to “sell” a product or a company. Much like fictionists and poets observe rules while harnessing their imaginations to write creatively, good content writers follow specific steps that help them get their market into doing something about their products and services.

To spare different companies from failure, you have to learn how to identify their target market and convince the consumers to try a company’s offers because both parties will benefit anyway:

  • The Idea on Symbiotic Relationship – Aside from revealing to consumers the benefits that they can get from the offers, create a reward appeal through giveaways, cash incentives, etc., to motivate audiences to test the products and services, over and over, and look forward to new ones.
  • The Likeability Factor – If copywriters, business owners and consumers speak the same language, they will get along well. Don’t use technical terms, jargons or any kind of “fluff” which might lead to misinterpretation. Keep your copy simple and direct, that way your audience will easily relate to it.
  • The Magic of Social Claims or Proofs – Let’s face it, more users will try a certain product or service if they know others are doing the same. Don’t be afraid to use testimonials from others to back up their claims on the benefits.
  • The Sense of Authority and Consistency – Impress others with the company credentials, how long it has been in the business and how many people patronize its services. Use the scientific appeal saying that the products are proven safe, do not contain harmful additives, etc.
  • Unity in Scarcity – The lower the number of supplies, the higher the demand. Use call to action statements like; “Hurry while our supplies last!” or “Our promo is only until February!”, to convince consumers to act fast.

A really awesome copywriter, doesn’t use complex words but uses simple terms and clearly gets the message across.