Convince Your Market with These Copywriting Techniques and Tools

In working on targeted website traffic, you want to attract the right people and convince them to do business with you. A simple analysis of how this works is imagining you sell dark-colored clothing, no use trying to attract attention from people who prefer light-colored clothing since they won’t see the appeal no matter how hard you try. Or if you sell makeup, no use trying to sell to those who don’t wear makeup since they’ll have a hard time seeing the appeal. It’s the same concept when writing targeted online copies. You write with your target market in mind and if in turn, other people outside of your market find the content interesting, then that’s a perk.



Here are some techniques on how to convince your target market through copywriting.


The Likeability Factor

Don’t use technical terms, jargons, or easily misinterpreted “fluff.” Learn how your target audience thinks, imagine the conversations they have in their head before even getting to your page. If your target demographic likes it simple, keep your copy simple and direct, if you think your audience needs a little bit more specifications, then include those. Write in a way that is easily relatable.


The Magic of Social Claims or Proofs

Product and service credibility goes up immediately when you have proof. If you have great reviews and testimonials, use them! Users relate more to another user who was in the same situation. Back up your claims with reviews, testimonials, interviews, what have you.


The Sense of Authority and Consistency

Impressive company credentials, past satisfied customers all contribute to the brand image. Your copy can be used to connect with new customers through past customer experiences. How long has the company stayed in business for, years of experience, how many people patronize your services, etc.


Symbiotic Relationship

A symbiotic relationship is a relationship type that can be achieved by working harmoniously together. Yin and yang, give and take. Playing with the idea of symbiotic relationships means you can motivate your audience through giveaways, rewards, or cash incentives, among others.


Unity in Scarcity

There’s a switch in customers’ heads that turn on when they see the words “Limited stock only,” “Limited edition,” “Only 20 left,” etc. The lower the number of supply, the higher the demand. Use call to action statements that make them hurry and act fast like: “Hurry while supplies last!” or “Buy now before it’s gone!”



Arm yourself with the right tools and skills to get the job done. Here are a couple must-have tools you’ll find useful as a professional copywriter. Use them at your disposal, they’re free!


EMV Headline Analyzer

Made available through the Advanced Marketing Institute, the analyzer goes through the words in the headline and scans for Emotional Marketing Value or EMV. Most copy headlines will have 30% to 40% EMV, while a good headline would have around 50% to 70% EMV.


Google Drive

Free to use online file and synchronization service offered by Google. If you want easy access to all your files right at your fingertips, Google Drive is a cloud service that stores your files, ready whenever needed. Send or deliver copy to your clients even when on the go. Another option for cloud service is Dropbox.


Live Keyword Analysis

This quick SEO tool will help you calculate the keyword density in a copy sample. To use the tool effectively, here are some of the rules/guidelines the tool follows: ignores one and two letter words, rounds off percentage result to nearest tens, isn’t ultra-precise.



This is a readability test tool that checks the readability of your work. You can enter the URL of the page you’d like to be checked, or try the direct input page to paste a sample text block and have it checked.



If you are in need of rhymes, even if you aren’t working on poetry, RhymeZone has got you covered. Just enter a word you need rhymes for and the tool will give you one to nine syllable options. That’s a nice rhyme, design time! I guess no one really said it would make sense.


SEO Book Keyword Research Tool

The SEO tool offered by is a free SEO service that’s similar to how Google AdWords works. Set up a free account and check your keywords in less than a minute.

Probably the most useful tool for any copywriter, a Thesaurus isn’t some prehistoric reptile from the Mesozoic era, even though it sounds like one. A thesaurus works as a book, in this case, an online list of words in groups of synonym, antonym, and related concepts.



Just like the website, Unsuck-it is a word replacer, synonym tool that helps users find or convert particular words (mostly the uninteresting, hard-to-understand jargon) and makes them fun.


To wrap it all up, when writing compelling copy, focus on what your point is and stick with it. Provide examples to show proof of your hard work—this can be proof of sales, testimonials, review, etc. Omit any useless information; page visitors are busy and usually don’t have time to waste reading through fluff (get rid of the word ‘very,’ and look for a stronger adjective). Lastly, follow important grammar rules. To learn more about how you can effectively target your market through content, talk to us at MicroCreatives!