How to Beat Procrastination in 15 Practical Ways

Statistically, procrastination is a common act for 1 in 5 adults. Are you surprised with this ratio? Although students are the ones most likely to procrastinate in their homework and school projects, Essay.Expert has talked about putting off things you can do today for the following day is a disease even professionals have been infected with.

Not all chronic procrastinators are lazy. Sometimes, procrastination is brought forth by anxiety, fear of failure, or negative perfectionism, according to the article posted by Essay.Expert. Also, it’s a given thought  that people who resort to procrastination are often stressed because of the unfinished task at hand, bugging them at one corner of their minds.

Well, good news for you, Essay.Expert also listed down practical ways to deal with procrastination.

  1. Asses yourself and determine your habits that cause procrastination. This will save you from feeling inadequate and realize for yourself that you can keep yourself from procrastinating.
  2. Practice effective time management. Setting a time frame for each task will help you determine your level of productivity.
  3. Change how you see the task. If you see it as daunting, then you will definitely lose interest into finishing it. Think of it as a challenge that once you overcome, will help you get better at your work.
  4. Commit to assignments. Simply listing down the tasks you are confident about finishing easily then crossing them out once you’ve accomplished them will rebuild your faith in yourself.
  5. Work in productive environments. This means working away from distractions like TV. This will help you focus on the task at hand.
  6. Set realistic goals at achievable time frame to save yourself from being stressed out about deadlines.
  7. Think and speak positively. Avoid talking negative about yourself like how you’re not good at finishing tasks. Instead, tell yourself that you can accomplish the task.
  8. Have a flexible schedule. Although it’s important to focus on your tasks, it’s also important to let yourself breathe from the responsibilities you’re carrying on your shoulders. Include in your schedule things you love to do like reading a book or watching a short movie.
  9. Divide the task. If the reason why you’re putting off finishing the task is because it’s too big, then divide it into small chunks until you complete it. This can be done by allotting small portions of your time every now and again.
  10. Limit your fantasies. While working, you might be having fantasies about the turnout of your tasks. Instead of fantasizing about your desired result, devise practical steps to achieve them.
  11. Expect obstacles and distractions. By expecting the possible distractions of completing your tasks, you also formulate ideas on how you can counter them.
  12. Improve learning behavior. Learn from your mistakes.
  13. Do not rely on others. People who know that they can always ask help from someone often resort to procrastination.
  14. Reward yourself. This will motivate you to complete all of your tasks if you know that there’d be something to look forward to.
  15. Be kind to yourself. If you make mistakes, don’t reprimand yourself. Rather, tell yourself that you can always do better and that you’ve learned what you had from that slip.