Graphic Design Channels to Check Out This 2016!

It is common knowledge that almost anything can be found online. When looking for a way to polish your graphic design knowledge, YouTube proves to be among the greatest resources to date. Beneath all the cat videos and memes, you can find a lot of tutorial videos in YouTube, including graphic design tutorials. Here are some graphic design YouTube channels you should check out and subscribe to:

  1. Andrei Oprinca

This channel features videos on Photoshop post-processing. PSD Box video tutorials show ways on how to achieve various photographic effects and manipulation with the help of the well-known program. Channel owner, Andrei Oprinca, manages his channel as a side hobby although his work is still comparable to those who have taken up design classes.

  1. Michael Woloszynowicz

This channel features a couple of videos that show intricate tutorials and clear explanations with focus on post-processing and corrections.

  1. Glyn Dewis

This channel was started a good seven years ago with Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials free for whoever’s interested. The techniques the channel offers are quite convenient and easy to follow both for experienced Photoshop users and first-timers alike.

  1. Will Paterson

This channel features videos on logo design and typography, to name a few. Handled by Will Paterson, he shows proper Illustrator tutorials along with the process it takes for him to get most logo and typography projects done.

  1. Howard Pinsky

This channel offers tutorials that are to follow for both beginners and veterans who are looking for a quick and effective reference. Howard also has write-ups on tools that are used in the video. Expect high-quality tutorials with fast explanations and a great follow-through.


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