Quick Guide to iOS App Design

simple guide on how to design iOS apps was created by designer Ivo Mynttinen and was made to help designers, but not offer solutions to complex design problems. Some of the things Mynttinen focused on include resolution, display specification, icons, typography, and color, among other commonly used design elements.


Resolutions and Design Specifications significantly vary even between Apple devices such as the iPad Mini, Pro, and Air, iPhone 1st Gen to 6+ and 6S+. The devices mostly have a portrait and landscape pixel range from 480×320 to 2732×2048. Also, the devices have a varied display size and pixels per inch or PPI. Display sizes range from a smaller 3.5” to 12.9”. Even with pixels as the smallest physical element to control on a digital display, it is better to use points (a resolution-independent measurement) with 1 point containing 2×2 pixels on a regular retina display.


pixels and points for iPhone 5S, 6, and 6+

The difference between displays of iPhone 5S, 6, and 6+.

When it comes to designing to fit various displays, it is better to think in points, while designing in pixels. App icons, on the other hand, differ per usage. The icons asked for include separate icons for the App, AppStore, Spotlight, and Settings. The icons have rounded corners, but are not included in the final exported assets. Also, Apple has not released an official template of the official icon shape, but there are some unofficial templates available online.


iOS app icon

iOS app icon grid system

Another aspect to check out is typography; mostly fonts and sizes. Different parts of the design interface uses different sizes of fonts, as well as different weights and spacing, to name a few.


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