How Creative Process Outsourcing Helps Businesses

As markets become more competitive by the day, finding ways to make your business stands out is a tedious task that entails great strategy and strong will to step out of the norm. In doing so, looking towards the direction of outsourcing your creative needs is the best choice. But if you are yet to be convinced, check out the few pointers below as to why creative outsourcing is the ideal solution to making your business and brand really noticeable and notable.


But before we convince you as to why CPO is a good choice, here’s a brief idea to gain a little more knowledge as to what the process offers. Creative Process Outsourcing, also known as CPO, works in the same way as a BPO with the difference lying in the services that it delivers. Bearing the term creative, it is central in providing creative solutions for marketing and advertising needs. These needs often include web and graphic design, web development, copywriting, and animation and motion graphics.


With that understanding of what opting for creative process outsourcing means, let’s look into some of the reasons that make it a highly sought after service by both small and medium-sized businesses nowadays.


Get your time and money’s worth

Creative outsourcing agencies can cost quite a fortune compared to crowdsourcing and freelance sites. But the return in doing so will save you a whole lot more than you can expect. With skilled professionals helping you perform the tasks that you wish to get done, you spare yourself the extra time than when you find the right freelancer. In addition, outsourcing can help you save up on the cost of recruiting and maintaining in-house personnel to accomplish creative projects for you. So, rather than going through all this, get your money’s worth without wasting time and rely on highly capable individuals in a creative process outsourcing agency to get the job done for you.


Increase quality and efficiency

Outsourcing means partnering with highly skilled individuals that can help perform creative tasks for you. Having professionals do the job on your behalf will spare you from struggling to reallocate your existing staff just to meet the needs, which will entail them to delay other duties for the sake of getting creative tasks done right away. Doing so will not only save you a ton of money, it guarantees you with high-quality output as well. With quality and efficiency guaranteed, outsourcing gives clients the satisfaction that they expect from the projects that they have in mind. This is of course made possible with clear communication and a streamlined workflow between clients, project managers, and creatives.


Clear communication and streamlined workflow

Working with a CPO partner is easy, as long as you lay down the project details and agree on the terms. But most importantly, keeping the lines of communication between a client and a creative open will ensure a smoother process and more solid experience. This will help clear any misunderstandings and avoid any errors that can slow down or tarnish the quality of the final output. The presence of project managers in outsourcing partnerships also makes the entire working process smoother, with them managing the projects and helping creatives meet deadlines that are not too optimistic and are within the client’s specifications. Here at MicroCreatives, ensuring that your project is given the proper attention and quality assurance is made a priority. Moreover, a clear and thorough process that starts from the creation of a creative brief and ends with the delivery of the final output approved by both parties is followed to come up with high-quality output.


Add value to your business

With varied services that can help improve your business’s reach through visual communication and content marketing, you not only gain improved marketing assets, you increase your business’s value as well. Copywriting services, for instance, can help you deliver rich and compelling content to your consumers through web copies, blogs, marketing collaterals, technical writing, and creative writing. All of which are written with the aim of delivering a message that you wish to employ. And to make the content even more appealing, the support of relevant, useful images and videos created by skilled graphic designers as well as motion graphics animators can help add life to it. Similarly, the development of websites and landing pages enable you to expand your online presence with stunning and beautiful pages. This creative process is also often outsourced with the very reason that it is created once and only updated from time to time. Hiring creative outsourcing agencies such as MicroCreatives is a more practical choice than having an in-house team. With a CPO partner, you can have a dedicated staff to work on the project for a period of time giving you more time to focus on other business processes while the partner agency focuses on getting your creative project done.


Seeking the help of creative processing outsourcing agencies may make you wonder if it is worth it at first, but hopping on the CPO trail is definitely more than an ideal decision if you’re looking to grow your business with a smart move. Creative design agencies such as MicroCreatives can help you fulfill all your creative needs without compromising on either quality and cost. Reach out to us to learn a whole lot more about the services that we offer from copywriting, graphic design, web development, down to animation. With a few messages and an agreement, you can have your creative projects started in no time, you can even have a dedicated staff exclusively work on your projects! Let MicroCreatives be an extension of your office and have all your creative needs dealt with by reliable and skilled professionals.