How Creative Process Outsourcing Helps Businesses

In our last blog post, we gave a refresher on what creative process outsourcing means and what it does. The components of creative process outsourcing services include copywriting, web and graphic design, web development, and animation and video editing, to name a few.


But how can creative process outsourcing exactly add value to a business? Aside from providing remote assistance and producing high-quality work with no operational costs, creative process outsourcing helps businesses thrive and extend their reach through effective and polished branding, visual communication, and content marketing.


Some of the ways creative process outsourcing can help your business include:


Creating Rich and Compelling Content

With you as the subject-matter expert for your business, there is no doubt that you can provide the necessary information about your company on your website or blog. But writing content that is both creative and effective takes time, resources, and strategy. Copywriting services by MicroCreatives covers writing content for different purposes – web copies, blogs, marketing collaterals, technical writing, creative writing, to name a few. Our copywriters will deliver your message to achieve their respective goals. Web copy will be written with the intent of being SEO-friendly, yet avoiding keyword stuffing and that sounds natural at the same time.


It is also important to note that content does not only involve written articles and web copies. A captivating content is supported by relevant and useful images and videos. MicroCreatives also offers graphic design for print and digital (flyers, brochures, business cards, social media posts, blog posts, web ad banners, etc.), as well as motion graphics animation and video editing for your website, marketing videos, presentations, and social media posts.


Designing and Developing Websites and Landing Pages

Designing and developing a website or a landing page does not require companies to have an in-house team, as the website can be created once and to be updated or overhauled only occasionally. It would be more practical to outsource web design and web development services to creative process outsourcing agencies such as MicroCreatives. Our staff can be hired project-based or on an hourly basis. We also have a dedicated staff leasing setup if you need a web designer and/or web developer for a longer period of time (at least one month) especially for projects that need constant monitoring and updating.


Having creative tasks such as web design and web development outsourced saves businesses from having to go through the process of hiring and training. With outsourcing, you can immediately work with creative experts. Here at MicroCreatives, our web designers and web developers are not only skilled with creating an attractive and functional layout and developing a secure and user-friendly website, they also do their work with optimum usability in mind, making sure that user interface and user experience is up to standards and that the website is responsive and optimized for search engines.


Presenting Various Creative Options

Without a design team, your creative ideas and resources may be limited. Creative process outsourcing partners have the specialized manpower, tools, and resources to provide you with more design options for your graphic design needs. We can be your partners in establishing a brand and identity or create collaterals based on your company’s existing style guide. Think of MicroCreatives as an extension of your office overseas.


Getting a creative process outsourcing partner will also ensure consistency across all your communications efforts. Furthermore, building a solid relationship with creative agencies will free up your time to focus on other things; you will have a partner that you can run to anytime for your creative needs, and you don’t have to overly manage the creative team working on your project as they already have their own creative directors, project managers, and quality checkers.