How to Hire the Right People for the Right Jobs?

When looking into hiring the necessary manpower who will enact your vision, sometimes, it is not enough to just review the CVs or resumes presented to you, or to conduct an interview that will let you learn more about your company’s future designer, writer, or creative agency. On the employer’s part, some preparation may be needed, which includes knowing what qualities to look for aside from the “world-class” services and skills needed for the job position. Having your own designer or your own writer, even having the right creative agency, some of the qualities to look for are:

  1. Self-motivation – Here’s something that can’t be seen on paper. A self-motivated person does or achieves something because it is his or her personal interest or enthusiasm and without the need of a push from outside forces, or people. Self-motivated employees will not wait on “what to do next” but rather will act upon themselves to work on something and has the drive to move forward for they share the same vision as the employer.
  1. Proficiency and Efficiency – Having the necessary knowledge paired with high productivity and independence let for a company that constantly moves forward. When hiring designers, they must have good conceptual skills to achieve any design goal; while when hiring writers, they must be concise and creative enough to write a clear or straight to the point articles/content that gets the point across, as well as positive results.
  1. Value – Determining compensation or value of work for designers, writers, or a whole creative agency is essential. Of course everyone wants affordable, cost effective services without potential employees cutting corners to fit with the budget. Research graphic design and writing costs to work with a realistic budget that lets you understand the true value of the service to be invested in. Fee evaluation ensures you do not overpay or underpay for services; reach a happy middle without undervaluing services. Also, steer clear of those who undervalue their services or offer discounts since it is easy to assume that extremely cheap service equals low quality.

Lastly, stay open-minded! Hiring the best requires being open to advice, having good rapport or compatible personalities, among others. MicroCreatives, a creative team based in the Philippines offers creative outsourcing including writing and design services to clients worldwide. Get in touch for custom-fit services that works with your vision!