Impressive, Eye-Catching Ads Featuring Iconic Musicians

We all know how much music inspires all of us. Music greatly affects how we feel, it affects the things we do, and it affects the kind of art we produce. Music fuels our innovation engines and the outputs can be really surprising.

Y&R/Bravo, a miami-based agency came up with this ingenious idea to create these detailed illustrations that suggest how much musicians has helped in adding color to our world.

The posters are visually appealing and will truly catch one’s attention because of its intricate, hand-drawn details. Looking closely, one can assume that a lot of time and effort were exerted to finish each poster.

The posters that advertise PopClik headphones portray a unique look for each famous band or musician. The illustration below, for example, pays tribute to the legendary band, The Beatles. The poster features a hippie, free-spirited, and psychedelic feel, which best represents the band’s music.

”The Beatles

Another interesting feature to point out is how the artists use the contrast of black and white depicting the real world and its less-appealing scenarios such as mass hysteria, delayed flights, and car crashes. Then there’s this part where generous combinations of colors are used for the drawings inside the headphone. The colorful part represents how music takes you to a different place, when you put your headphones on.

Just like the ad’s tribute to Madonna, the outside world or the black and white drawings depict different images representing a woman’s low self-esteem, and her struggle to fit in to the norm. The constant pressure to be thin, and constantly comparing oneself to other girls. The contrast is Madonna. Her music’s very representative of owning what makes her different, what makes her unique. The drawings also put a visual on how Madonna owns her sexuality and how she’s in charge of her body.


There’s so much to extract from one illustration. It really is impressive as it looks!