BB-fied: Bolder and Better! A New Redesign Concept for the Google Homepage

Like beauty products in the market, such as bb (blemish balm, blemish base, or beauty balm) cream that improve and beautify one’s features, so does the need for change from something established to something better in order to keep up with the changing trends of times.

Change is the only thing constant. It sucks when one is able to establish its ground only to realize that it needs a makeover, a facelift in order to look fun, upbeat, trendy, classic… anything but boring and dull!

But how does one keep up with the changing landscape of times and still remain true to its core of identity? This is perhaps the premise of The Letter Society’s group of designers who set out to create a bold new design of the Google homepage. With a scoop of bb cream (figuratively speaking, of course), these designers dab on and brought forth their magic touch to recreate Google homepage’s into simple wonders.

New Google Homepage

Designer Erik decided to stick with a minimalist layout and do away with excess, such as “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” tabs, and replaced it instead with a voice search icon. Layout was also arranged accordingly to make searches easy on the eye.

“Think out of the box” is what designer Casey has in mind, as she brought forth her ideas unto the Google homepage and made search categories into tiles, and arranged it in a linear manner. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, don’t you think?

Vibrant, fun, and fancy free is what designer Erik wanted users to experience in utilizing the website. With Google’s iconic colors splattered throughout the browser window screen, and a small scrubber at the bottom of the page for search purposes, which simultaneously takes over the screen, users get to enjoy infinite possibilities.

Worldwide homepage experience, minus the rigidity of the layout, designer Fran placed an avatar at the right side of the screen for a personalized touch, and show searches displayed in real time.

From worldwide experience to personal touch, designer Jenn decided to keep things personal and made Google homepage like that of a blog dashboard, where it keeps track of activities one does like recently used apps, missed TV shows, email notifications, and schedule tracker. Jenn also added a movie tab to let users know upcoming movies. The search box is also designed to search things not only on the internet, but also in the personal dashboard as well.

“Wish upon a search button.” Designer Jake opted for an auditory approach, having placed the voice search command atop the upper left portion of the screen for actual results to show in real time.

Redo and redesign, for bolder and better Google homepage numerous facelifts.  Do you think these designers have what it takes to be called virtual make-up artists?