Transforming Creative Identity: Unveiling Paypal’s New Logo

A new look means good things are to come. Paypal’s logo redesign is indicative of the Company’s success and that they are taking things to the next step. From a company that powers payments online, Paypal has expanded its services and now powers payments on smart phones and cash registers.

Paypal Chief Product Officer Hill Ferguson noted on the Silicon Valley Business Journal, “And the truth is we’re a 15-year-old company, which is young in some respects but also old in others, so it’s really important to refresh our identity, to remind people of what we stand for, and also to give us a platform to help people understand what we’re doing. We just need to liven it up.”

True enough, the Company did live up to its words.

Paypal’s New Logo


Keeping some of the old characteristics, like the colors and the overall theme of two overlapping letter Ps, Paypal has taken a strategic and bold move to innovate its logo which was last updated in 2007. The new look features changes in the typography of the word “PayPal” and the Company chose to use the typeface Futura.

The new look also includes the recognizable transition of the double-P monogram. The new logo now features a much bolder font which has also been made to be transparent with the use of playing around its signature blue palette.

The overall look aims to reflect the Company’s two main themes which are connection and forwardness which is evident in its new logo.

Paypal’s new look is all thanks to San Francisco-based agency Fuseproject, which led and executed the rebranding project.

In addition to its new logo, the Company has accompanied the rebranding with the launch of its very first global advertising campaign that centers on a “people first approach”. The ad focuses on making things simple, especially online shopping. And that’s exactly what PayPal wants to offer customers; to make online shopping simple and hassle free.

The ad encourages people to use PayPal to reduce the complexities of typing credit card numbers, card expiration dates, billing, and shipping addresses each and every time one makes a transaction. The ad emphasizes that with PayPal, you’re done with just a few clicks (even if you’re a slow clicker). It ends with a tagline: “More of what you want, less of what you don’t want.”

Well, PayPal, that’s a great way to put people first.