Instagram in Brand Marketing

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Name the best online marketing campaigns you can think of, and you’ll realize that most, if not all, of them seem to be involving pictures. This has given credence to the success of Instagram and Pinterest as marketing tools. We just gravitate more to images than text, as the current trends show from the overblown images on websites and social media.


Why is that? Well, for one thing, pictures show a story instead of telling it. They are more effective in grabbing attention, too, such as you will notice when looking at an article or even a news report online. The pictures that gain the most active engagement – the currency coveted by marketing – are those related to human interest themes, from humor and other emotions to success and particular events that struck us as equally important as a milestone in our lives. One can see this in the posts of Oreo, Coca Cola, Intel, and a number of other companies successful at Instagram.


Making it Big in Instagram

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There is more to using Instagram than posting a catalog of your products. It is also more than just recycling an ad you submitted to the newspapers or for the television. What works is the spontaneous kind of posting and the whimsical types. Observing the examples set by successful brands will demonstrate that they are not just selling their products or services, but also in fact, sharing a story. From showing pictures of a company-sponsored charity event to the involvement of some followers with the brand they love, businesses can build up close virtual relationships with their target market.


Find Out What’s Interesting

Getting your customers to engage usually takes effort in figuring out what makes your company intriguing for them. One way to find out is to show them behind-the-scenes of your business. This works well with the service industry, particularly the restaurants that show their method to their followers. With all the tools of Instagram at their disposal, they can enhance and filter their photos and make them pleasing to behold. After all, a nice-looking post gets more attention than the ordinary and grainy image. With enough originality and creativity, you can take several images and form them into a campaign that make your target market sit up and take notice.


The Potential of Instagram for Businesses

Social media marketing is becoming more relevant as more and more people become more Internet savvy and rely on social media networks to connect with others, make purchases, and gather information, among other purposes. To help businesses and brands realize the important role of Instagram in helping generate higher sales, website traffic, and brand awareness, Nancy of iDigic produced an infographic demonstrating the huge potential of Instagram for businesses.


Instagram for Business infographic

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