Illustration trends to look forward to this 2016

2016 started not so long ago, so it’s still pretty early if you’re looking into starting the year by following the newest and continuing illustration trends together the leading illustrators who made these trends famous. Coming in with whatever level of expertise, beginner to pro illustrators can expect to be in demand this year since illustrations for advertisement and other industries is starting to be popular again after photography has stayed on top for a long time.

Be updated and sharpen your illustration skills by checking out these forward-thinking illustration trends expected to become or remain relevant this 2016:

  1. 3D Illustrations

    Among the leading artists to follow when it comes to 3D illustrations are Sarah Illenberger and Kyle Bean. Owen Gildersleeve, with his recent work with car manufacturer Nissan Motor Company, is bringing back the trend and adding his own taste to illustration completely unlike how we know it. The ad campaign for Nissan features Owen Gildersleeve and Thomas Forsyth’s paper model of Nissan Juke for the car’s fifth birthday. The paper shell was said to have taken around 2,000 folded parts to make the life-sized origami car.
  2. Combination of Illustration and Photography
    Dive by Joe Cruz

    Dive by Joe Cruz

    Designer, illustrator, and art director Kate Moross of the award-winning Studio Moross predicts that in 2016 we will see new creative crossovers of illustration and photography; thus we can expect Hattie Stewart to make a big comeback. We will also be likely to hear more from Joe Cruz with his themes of portraiture, expressionism, and form.

  3. Moving Picture

    According to Jennifer Gonzalez of Hugo & Marie, “I feel movement and sound can arrest a lot of attention, and it can sometimes capture more emotion than a still image.” Animation is here to stay and Nicolas Ménard and Jack Sachs demonstrates the fusion of illustration and animation through their amazing works.
  4. Upgraded Vector Illustration
    Vector illustration by Steve Simpson

    Vector illustration by Steve Simpson

    Vector illustration never did lose its touch and in 2016 expect this trend to continue, with illustrators getting better and better at their craft along with the standard for better quality vector illustrations that go higher.

  5. Immediate Action on Current Events
    Peace for Paris by Jean Jullien

    Peace for Paris by Jean Jullien

    With different topics going viral every day, social media is a great tool for disseminating information. A campaign done on social media will likely to be more successful if done as a quick response to an unfolding event. Make use of the advantages of this boom and work on the instantaneous responses current events get. A great example would be the success of Jean Jullien’s Peace for Paris movement, which became instantly relevant but not to the point that the tragedy was exploited.

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