UI Inspiration for Mobile and Web Design

Nowadays, web and mobile design platforms aren’t just all about nice graphics and font choices. Not only they have to be responsive and user-friendly, they also have to be uniquely appropriate and must contain just the right amount of elements needed by a site visitor. It is also important that web designers should be updated with the latest trends, and when they happen to hit a creative block, it helps to have inspiration. That’s why UX/UI designers Phillipe Hong and Michael Wong have created the ‘UI Garage’ website, a curated site for web designers. It aims to “help designers save time and…inspire them into creating ‘even-better’ solutions for the projects their working on.” The website is constantly updated, as other designers are encouraged to submit their web design to be featured and sorted into categories: iOS, Android, Web, Mac, 404, Forms, Gallery, and more.


UI Garage home page


UI Garage offers a diverse set of categories: from homepage design to error messages, everything is covered. For web designers, including our team at MicroCreatives, every detail is important. We make sure that each nook and cranny works perfectly and seamlessly, just as much as we prioritize aesthetics and content.


Check out some of the samples below.


Checkout page

Samples of Checkout page.

Error 404 page

Samples of Error 404 page.