Let There be Light: Japanese Artist Mimics Life with Fusion of Painting and Sculpture

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, artist Shintaro Ohata recently did a solo exhibition of his artwork at the Yukari Art Contemporary in Tokyo. Ohata captures light and places it on his paintings, highlighting his subject matter in a striking way. He claims, “I am creating works to capture lights in our everyday life and record them in the painting,” adding that “Every ordinary scenery… such as a glittering road paved with asphalt on a rainy light, becomes something irreplaceable.”



As such, Ohata’s compositions have a flair for the cinematic. Reminiscent of the silver screen, his art creates a near-faithful representation of everyday life. He also plays around with the interior design of the gallery by cleverly integrating sculptures into his artwork, fusing the best elements of 3D and 2D in his pieces.



Ohata is one of the up-and-coming artists to watch in the coming years.


Photos from Yukari Art Contemporary.