Must-Have iPad Blogging Applications

Having a blog is a big responsibility, especially if you want to gain or maintain your audience. Typically blog updates should be a minimum of 3 times a week, that way fresh content is up and your readers are always updated. If your blog is a hobby, sometimes it’s better to lay in bed with your iPad and post after a hard day at work. Or if you’re waiting for a meeting to start or on the train to work, and suddenly have to update it’s easier to whip out your gadget and write a quick post. Below is a list of apps that will help organize your blog and keep your readers updated all the time!


  1. WordPress
  2. Really reliable it allows you to freely edit and make other necessary changes on your blog posts that you have already published with the pages and comments included.

  3. Awesome Note
  4. A to-do list management application that lets you plan your schedules, categorize projects in folders even has security features.

  5. Mind Meister
  6. A mind – mapping application that allows you to organize your thoughts and other concept-related matters in series of diagrams, flowcharts, etc., in an easy click and drag method.

  7. Aviary
  8. It has brilliant photo editing capabilities that Bloggsy and WordPress lack. Aviary lets you improve images with its cropping, brightness, contrast, color saturation and other auto enhancement tools.

  9. Bloggsy
  10. It allows you to write new posts offline in a simpler way. Bloggsy has a user – friendly interface that lets you attach photos, videos and links from net sources and send your posts to many publishing sites such as; Posterous, Joomia, WordPress and Blogger. However, it is not free and costs $4.99.

  11. Analytics
  12. Helps you monitor your performances and web status. It lets you see your target audience, sources and the flow of discussions.

  13. DropBox
  14. Gives you access to your online dropbox account where you can individually download your files, perfect for emergency cases or when you are always on-the-go.

  15. Google Drive
  16. It lets you create, edit, save and share your documents with others.

These iPad blogging must – haves will help improve your writing skills with a twist that would also make you stand out in their career.