Must-Have iPad Blogging Applications

In the United States alone, according to the 2017 CNBC All-America Economic Survey, approximately 64% of the entire country’s population owns at least one Apple product per household or as much as 2.6 Apple products on average. Apple products, particularly the iPad, have become everyday essentials as they can be used for various purposes.


For those who blog, a device as handy as the iPad is convenient for writing and managing content on-the-go. To make the most out of your iPad and help boost productivity, we’ve gathered some of the must-have blogging apps currently available in the App Store.




WordPress bloggers should have this on their iPads. You can use the app to reply to comments, check stats, and do quick edits. This app is extremely reliable for quick on-the-go work and for publishing jotted-down ideas immediately anytime, anywhere.


BlogTouch Pro

This app lets Blogger/Blogspot users publish and edit content on their Apple devices. The mobile editor is designed with ease of use in mind, letting users manage blogs, publish, edit, and remove posts and pages. It also lets users work remotely, check and reply to comments, work offline, and schedule articles for later publishing. The app also automatically backs up content and syncs copies so you never lose an idea to a lost draft ever again.



For additional inspiration and for research purposes, reading apps always come in handy. Flipboard is among the top favorite reading apps in the App Store. Flipboard allows news, stories, and conversations to converge in one convenient app that helps keep you updated with personalized content, depending on what you’re interested in, or depending on what you want to read about.


Awesome Note 2

Awesome Note 2 is a note-taking and scheduling app in one. The app lets you express your own style while keeping your thoughts organized, secured, and shareable. This to-do list management app lets you plan more while doing less. Schedules are kept clean and organized through folders that can be personalized and categorized. Add drawings (with the Apple Pencil), photos, voice clips, maps, weather, and more.



Evernote works great with Awesome Note. The Evernote app works best when working with multiple gadgets due to its ability to backup and sync everything automatically.



As a cloud storage app, Dropbox lets you drop and take files whenever, wherever. The Dropbox app has a doc scanner which lets you scan documents with the iPhone or iPad camera, and share large files, like photos and videos, when connected to the internet.



Organize your thoughts with a mind-mapping app. Offered for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, the app lets users create and edit mind maps, collaborate real time, share cards directly from the device, and use autonomously even without an online account.


Google Drive

The online backup app, together with other Google services like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and Sites, to name a few, is an unrivaled “all-rounder” type of app that lets users store files, edit, share, and create.



Photo Editor by Aviary is a photo capture and editing app that lets users enhance image quality, stylize with over 100 free and purchasable filters, do small touch-ups, rotate and straighten, among other features, while being able to directly share images to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



Through the Weebly app, you’ll be able to create a website or blog, store ideas, and type directly through the iPhone or iPad app. Additionally, through Weebly, you’ll be able to drag and drop page elements to create a working website in minutes. A Weebly-powered website can instantly accept payments from Stripe, Square, and PayPal.



Tumblr is another blogging platform that lets you easily create text, quote, GIF, link, image, video, audio, and chat posts. Tumblr encourages its community’s creativity through the ability to reblog posts, start conversations with other people, and to send and receive anonymous messages. The pages you create can be personalized through the available themes or if you prefer, you can create and customize your own through its built-in page editor.


We hope you find the right combination of apps with the help of our list to make blogging a little bit easier for you. If you need outsourced creative work for your blog or website from the capable hands of copywriters, designers, and developers of MicroCreatives, contact the team today!