Logos: Aiming for Recognition

Introducing your business to your target market is just as important as building it. One of the instruments of ensuring instant recognition and making a good impression is through a logo. It is, however, more than an image you paste on your letterhead and place over your company name in any signage. It serves as an illustration of your brand’s identity, which makes it important that you think the design over carefully instead of going with a regular, ordinary picture.


Logos Have Branding Power


When people see a picture, they associate it quickly with a certain thought. Branding works very well that way, especially if the image you have chosen is entrenched well in your customers’ short-term memory. This is evident to the people’s reaction whenever they see the Apple icon or the long-haired woman in the Starbucks’ logo. They can immediately articulate which company the logos stand for, which is important for marketing purposes.


Once people get used to a certain image of a product or company, they won’t easily forget any change in its form, color, or texture. This makes old brands leery of changing the appearance of their time-tested logos. Some were successful in recreating their image, but many fail because some people frown upon change, especially if they love a certain product.


The Requirements of a Superb Logo


Making your logo stand out is one of the priorities of any marketing strategy. The first step in any logo design campaign is defining your company’s goals and identity. This already releases a wave of design ideas you can ponder on with your marketing and design staff. The second step is determining the image you want to portray to everyone who looks at your brand. Should it be plain and direct to the point? Colorful and unique? Or a balance between the two?


This paves the way for the third step, which involves the technicalities of design. Working with your designers can help you figure out possible designs to create. Lastly, and most importantly, is the step that includes your target audience to the mix. How would you make your logo work in such a way that it appeals to them?


All these should be wrapped up, so you can estimate the budget you will be putting in when creating a new logo. Consulting with professionals in the industry can assist you in working out various schemes which can fit with your budget.