Making the Most Out of Contact Pages: Let Users Reach Out to You

You’re on a first date with one of the longest crushes you’ve had since 2nd grade. It’s now your chance to impress this girl in order for her to get to know you better. Your objective is to bedazzle her with your love for football, passion for humanitarian work, and compassion for kids. But things turn pretty ugly when you forget to step on the brakes and the date turns out into a one-sided thing. At this point, TRUE connection is lost.


Being on a date is somehow kind of like being in a job interview. Your goal is to impress the interviewer with your seemingly spotless resume and just talk your way around and convince them that you’re the best possible person for the job. But too much of everything is bad. Just like the date you went on, when you tirelessly tried to impress the girl of your dreams that you totally forgot to ask about her.


We often find ourselves in situations like these. We like to engage people in conversations, we constantly want to attract people’s attention to what we feel is worthy of it. But there are things on the side we completely forget about and sometimes, they’re the most crucial ones we tend to overlook. And it’s kind of a hit or miss thing.


If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, let me clear things for you. I’m talking about visually attractive websites. Let’s not deny it. Homepages inevitably get the most attention because it’s the first thing people see so it’s just right to put on ourselves the necessary pressure to make it physically appealing, right? There’s nothing wrong with being visually grand; but sometimes, no matter how engaging the homepage is, it would not matter if you don’t give people the opportunity to respond. And the most amount of dismissal given to websites is the contact pages.


It’s easy to just put up a dull contact page with nothing on it but the corresponding email address and assume that the visitor will do the rest of the work. Having this kind of thinking totally beats the purpose of an elegant and effective contact page. True and good contact pages help users to access the right information.


Just take a look at some of the works of these designers on their contact pages.


Jared Johnson


This is’s contact page. Pretty rad, right? The website’s contact page is inspired by the postcard style, complete with a textured background. Who wouldn’t want to send their messages and inquiries there?


Dan Rubin


Dan Rubin’s contact page took a different approach by using a “no distractions” strategy. In this way, users only get to focus on the contact form that will lead them to just the right amount of information.


Mario Petrone


Web designer Mario Petrone made his contact page into a hand-drawn, postcard style, complete with a stamp and text area that allows the user to write their message, hand-written style!


There are many ways to get creative with one’s contact page. Contact pages are worthy of your creative and ingenious designs. They are, after all, the bridge that connects you to your users.