Why Freehand Drawing and Writing is Essential in Web Design

In a time that is governed by different advancements in technology, it is hard to keep up with other digital competitors that have continuously sprung up. Technology offers companies and brands the chance to sell their website in such a creative way that will typically attract the attention of consumers. However, while web design gives us an irresistible way of expressing feelings and ideas, its sense of sophistication strips off the personal nature and makes them look highly complex and mechanical.


Image from sxc.hu

Keep in mind that technology can be a little confusing sometimes since it is driven by the computer language of codes and numbers. This is why companies have experts like web designers or developers to understand and execute websites. However, in forming ideas or making a rough draft of the site, freehand drawing and writing come in as an indispensable tool in creating websites. Who would have thought that a thing of the past can be very useful in the cyber era?


First and foremost, freehand drawing and writing mark an impeccable identity that uniquely belongs to a business company. No doubt that it provides a personal touch that will leave a business distinct from its competitors. Take the Notepad++ program as an example. The irregular shape and size of the logo provide a human impression, while the chameleon symbolizes the conversion of computer codes from diverse to simple, just as the reptile changes its color in response to the environment. On the other hand, the pencil on the side represents the writing and editing capacity of the program. Together, these help users to easily recognize it from other applications.


It also exudes a vibrant personality. Freehand drawing and writing in web design have traces of human imperfections. Incorporating such in web design and logos will give investors and other consumers an idea that they are products of human intelligence and that great amounts of time, energy and effort were truly devoted to their development. This adds a trustworthy impression on the part of consumers and makes them think that they are really relying on specific people rather than just a mere machine.


Moreover, it could easily guide people on web content through the use of pictures and other symbols like arrows akin to the idea of telling a story. Travel app TouristEye application is the perfect example for this as it acquaints clients on the product in a step by step procedure that eventually leads into a treasure hunt adventure story and imbibes the character of a traveler/crusader searching for clues across the globe! Because of the apps exciting and user-friendly interface, it is very entertaining, likable and ignites curiosity.


Freehand drawing and writing offer a simplified connection between technology and human creativity, making users easily understand the flow of communication and information from one another amidst the complex media. Although, be careful not to exaggerate it, because if it happens to be too elaborate, it can only divert clients’ attention to websites’ and applications’ “merely entertaining” features rather than keep them focused on the real intention of companies behind them.