Nugget: Find Inspirational Quotes in Just a Swipe!

We refer to the phrase ‘nugget of wisdom’ or a ‘knowledge nugget’ as a piece of useful information or an interesting trivia. True to this expression, there is a mobile app called ‘Nugget’ where users could find inspirational quotes from books. The app also allows you to share and save the quotes that you like.


The right amount of complexity is whatever creates optimal simplicity.

Ovi Negrean, one of the Co-Founders of the Nugget app, describes the service as “think GoodReads quotes meets Instagram. A nugget is highly visual book soundbite. A short standalone quote from a book that brings value on its own.” You can consider Nugget as ‘Tinder for the brain’ as the app contains inspirational quotes from some of the best books in the world. In every swipe is an inspirational quote presented in visually appealing images. Save and/or share the ones you like and keep on swiping to discover more.


Books aren’t dead. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

The Nugget app aims to “improve the world through compressed knowledge”, and does so by allowing users who don’t have much time to read to skim and understand the premise of a book through its best contents or quotes. With the app, you can instantly get the main takeaways of a book easily. Each quote is accompanied by a relevant background image so it will be easy to remember.


You need to grab readers’ attention in the opening lines and keep their attention all the way to the end.

Nugget is also a great app for writers and designers, and other creative individuals. They can get motivation from the message of the quotes, while designers can get inspiration from the aesthetics and design elements of the images.


I’m an idea farmer. I grow new ideas from old ones.

There are about 10,000 books available through the app. Nugget is available for free download to iOS and Android users via the Apple App Store and Google Play or through Nugget’s website.


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