Quality Over Quantity: Make the Most Out of Marketing on Facebook

Advertisers are having trust issues with Facebook, the most sought after social networking site to date. Who wouldn’t? Advertisers spend thousands of bucks for paid advertisements to get their brand out in the social media platform to reach consumers, only to find out that the latter isn’t doing much of its purpose, and that perhaps, some of the paid ads are being “purportedly hidden.”

In this day and age, anyone who’s into business can simply create a page on Facebook, make their friends like the page, and post anything related to the business, calling for attention from friends and friends of friends that seemingly say “hey, I exist and I have something to say. Care to like my page and follow my post?” Sure. Facebook does make posts viral, with a little help from friends who keeps on “liking” the page.  And with the option to pay for ads, it should all the more make post spread like wildfire.

Many business owners and advertisers alike noticed that post aren’t going viral. Advertisers noticed that organic reach is dwindling despite efforts of posting free or paid ads. Facebook is said to be trimming down posts with the use of an algorithm. Perhaps the reason Facebook decided to make an algorithm is to cut the bulk of multiple “likers” who doesn’t really “like” the page? This is done to prevent spamming, or flooding the liker’s feed with the brand’s announcement posts. Facebook users like the page for various reasons. Either they are told to “like” the page either for a contest to garner the most number of likes, in which case, they will mostly likely un-like the page once the contest is over, or they genuinely liked the page because they like receiving notifications.

Quality always precedes quantity, as opposed to generating numerous likes, which leads to unwanted spamming. The algorithm is designed to protect Facebook users from receiving bulk of notifications.

facebook like

Now the question for marketers is this: how can they still deliver content and reach their effective target market through Facebook?

Marketers should ensure that those people who liked their page really liked the page genuinely because they want to see the content, and not just because they’re told to just like the page. Also, diversifying one’s strategy of reaching target market also works. Posting at an opportune time wherein most of the target market is online might work better, instead of posting every now and then, which leads to flooding. Also, delivering quality content always goes a long way. Being able to build trust with the target market that you’re not going to flood the timeline will make one trustworthy enough of their “like” click.