Seven Signs of an Untrustworthy Website

Measuring the effectiveness of your website when it comes to engagement depends on several factors: content, design, and user engagement, among many others. Website WhoIsHostingThis broke down the most common faults that businesses and brands commit that make their websites seem untrustworthy.


While there are many things that are deemed not “trustworthy”, an infographic called “7 Reasons People Don’t Trust Your Website” listed down the most common mistakes committed by websites and how to fix them. These include little information about the website – the business or organization running it; vague contact details; a poor privacy policy that may compromise user’s personal details; substandard content, even based on an unprofessional design; outdated content; too many ads; and long loading times.


But these problems are fixable and can turn things around, including transparency when it comes to the business’s contact information, better user engagement, being conscientious about visitor privacy, substantial content, professional website design, shorter loading time, and customer feedback.

7 Reasons People Don’t Trust Your Website

via WhoIsHosting This. Click image for larger version.

With the help of this infographic, boost your website’s trustworthiness by applying the aforementioned best practices. Get the help of an expert web developer for best results, along with skilled web designers for better appearance and navigation, and smart copywriters for effective and engaging content.