Should You Outsource Writing?

Do you think you should consider outsourcing copywriting tasks, such as writing blog articles, promotional copies, and web content?


The answer is yes! Here’s why.


Making your business known in a web-based environment has never been as demanding as today. To promote your content, it doesn’t end in just hitting “publish” after writing the content and then moving on to the next. And running a website is already a lot of work as it is, add to it maintaining a blog, as well as other tasks including engagement monitoring, comment moderation, and content marketing.


Eventually your business will grow and you will have more content to publish and promote. This is where you should start to consider outsourcing some of the creative writing services to third party providers.


In the world of content marketing, there have been misconceptions about outsourcing. This includes assumptions such as those opting to outsource copywriting are lazy to do the writing on their own, and also that the outsourced copywriters wouldn’t be able to fully deliver the message as much as a subject-matter expert or the business owner.


But in reality, many businesses of all sizes around the world are outsourcing copywriting tasks to third party providers, as these remote teams of copywriters specialize in improving SEO value and have the knowledge and expertise to create well-researched and compelling content.


As technology innovates, it introduces new trends in getting your brand closer to people. These advancements paved way to the rise of content marketing. And with businesses heavily competing with each other in creating a following, putting out a compelling content that would encourage prospect consumers is in much greater need.


Based on Neil Patel’s study, only 42% of marketers think that they’re effective at producing content. This statistic denotes that businesses can catch up with the industry trends, but they aren’t getting enough results from their campaigns.


Of course, producing quality content takes time. It may take hours of work, from researching a topic to the writing process, then proofreading the article, fact-checking everything, then reading it again can be a gruesome process. And the work doesn’t end there; you need to go the extra mile by adding photographs and video to your content as well as pitching in animation for added interest.


With so many business processes being handled by you and your staff, keeping consistent brand awareness can be a challenge. And from this, the need for creative process outsourcing is born. MicroCreatives is one example of firms under this industry. We outsource creative services to brands in need and help them generate a campaign that speaks true to their brand. Among creative services such as animation, graphic design, and web development, one of the things we help our clients with is their content management, from creation to promotion.


In this article, we are going to share the things you should know about outsourcing copywriting and why you should consider it – why having a third party copywriting partner can be the best decision you’ve done for your digital space. Below are the following factors you should consider in getting an outsourced copywriter.


Your readers

Outsourcing copywriting to agencies can aid you in effectively reaching your target audience. With their skills and expertise, they can help you produce reader-friendly contents that are focused and directed to your readers’ needs, thus resulting in a content that encourages user interaction which creates a much better online experience.


You must choose an outsourced copywriter that matches the way you want your content to appear and sound like. Creative agencies may offer custom services that will answer your brand’s requirements.


It’s much easier to find a copywriter if your brand can showcase various contents. But if your readers are invested on how you personally create your articles (applicable to individual bloggers such as beauty and fashion gurus), you may have a hard time getting another writer.


The contents we produce not only should reflect our brand, but also build trust with our customers. Your reader getting used to you as a brand may be a risk for you to get an outsourced copywriter to help you with your digital space. But change is inevitable and takes time for people to accept it.


Your brand

Having an outsourced copywriter can help build your brand from the ground up. Flexibility is not an issue; they can provide services to a number of different brands from various industries in the business. You’ll always get original content written for your brand. Having an outsourced copywriter helps you in creating content that doesn’t force consumers to buy your brand, but in a way that welcomes them to know your brand and let them decide to purchase based on the content’s substance.


Outsourced copywriters can also help your brand to be easy to be found on the web as they adhere to best SEO practices. Outsourced copywriters are trained in producing content in many forms. From your basic blog post to press releases and landing pages, having an outsourced copywriter by your side can help your brand interest many people in various ways.


The skills

Outsourced copywriters are equipped with knowledge regarding content climate and know how to keep you on the right side of Google.


A skillful outsourced copywriter is essential, especially if you’re going to let them handle your digital platforms. When outsourcing your copywriting tasks, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Does the blogger have the knowledge for the job?
  • What’s the blogger’s writing style and personality like?
  • Does that style fit with your business and brand?
  • How long have they been blogging?
  • Do they have proven results?
  • How experienced and skilled are they?
  • Can they help you achieve your goals?

The cost

Being with an outsourced copywriter is a practical option for your business’s content marketing in terms of its financial aspect. Web content writing and SEO copywriting typically have a reasonable and inexpensive price. It can be easily availed by big and small enterprises. Many creative agencies and copywriting firms also have flexible pricing setups that you can choose from, depending on your needs.


“What you give is what you get” is the general rule in outsourced copywriting. Your budget usually denotes what you’ll be getting in the end. Since outsourced copywriters do custom jobs for every brand, you are assured that the money you’ll be spending on hiring one will worth every penny.


It is on the internet where you’ll find your prospect consumers, so it’s important that the growth of your brand reflects on its digital space. Firms are now looking for social media managers as well to effectively cultivate their image on various social media platforms.


Having content that will not only reach your audience but will also convert them to consumers and create a reader following is the goal of an effective content marketing. Outsourced copywriters have the ability to provide content that could trigger emotional and mental attraction from your readers.


The risk of having an outsourced copywriter isn’t that high. The worst thing that could happen for some reason that others won’t read your content is small compared to the number of reasons and benefits you’ll be getting.


So whether your company has outgrown your content marketing capabilities or you just want to take your brand to the next level, outsourcing copywriting could be the best move for your business.