Stare Wars: The Battle To Outstare The New Samsung Galaxy S4

Pedestrians in Lucerne, Bern and Lausanne city squares in Switzerland attempted to outstare an odd box that contains an eye tracker feature that is used by the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you can outstare the box that has the Samsung Galaxy S4 for more than a minute, you will get 100 Swiss Francs off a smartphone. If you can stare at it for over an hour, you get the smartphone for free! But here’s the catch, to make it even more difficult to focus on the box, the area is surrounded by distractions to make the ordeal harder. Distractions such as arguing citizens, a fire accident, a barking dog, annoying musicians, and even a group of stunt motorcyclists made the challenge almost lose to impossible.

Watch the video here!

The classic game of outstaring your friends was creatively utilized by Swiss mobile brand Swisscom into promoting the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The campaign to outstare an odd box is designed by Perfect Fools for the Swisscom mobile brand’s agency Heimat to interpret its vision. The box uses a City Light Poster (CLP) showcasing the Samsung Galaxy S4’s eye-tracking interface.




How Do You Make A Successful and Creative Promotion Campaign?

  • Take something that is classic and integrate it with a modern vision.
  • Offer something in exchange for their fun that is connected to your featured product such as winning the product or getting a discount for their efforts.
  • Bring it to the public and give them a classic experience with a twist by making it more difficult to achieve.

In the end, a winner emerges and takes home the most coveted Samsung Galaxy S4. With him he brings in tow the priced smartphone and an experience that he will forever keep a great memory of. Let’s take a page from Swisscom’s book to effectively, yet creatively promote a smartphone in a fun and nostalgic way.