Tech Trends: Then and Now

In the fast-paced world of technology, trends are never the type to look back at what has already passed. Unlike pop culture trends, tech trends are always looking forward and are more for constant innovation. Previous trends are unlikely to come back since rising trends focus on the improvement of the current ones. Let us take a look at how technological trends have evolved to what we see now.



As technological advancement continues to happen, so does the progress in gadgets, and they have moved on a lot over the past two decades. From bulky and heavy ones that performed only limited actions such as playing a fixed number of songs or receiving messages through FM radio signals, we have reached an era where gadgets are now capable of more than one function.


Not only are these gadgets equipped with better qualifications, they are made more compact and lightweight too. The time of candy-colored and see-through gadgets has also been replaced by sleek and handy ones that come in the timeless colors of black, white, and the fairly new mixture of pastels and metallics. Truly, innovation has made today’s gadgets provide more than leisure, they have been built to aid in the productivity of mankind and continues to improve in this aspect.



From having Personal Digital Assistants, we have entered an age where artificial intelligence is becoming more involved in the lives of the people. Technological trends have turned gadgets as more than tools aiding our productivity needs to being tools incorporated in various fields such as business, healthcare, and media.


In this age where consumers are looking for more than material goods–experiences, the rise of artificial intelligence makes performing tasks and achieving comfort easier. Companies turning into AI organizations strive to reach the level where humans and machines work together to harness data-driven insights, while healthcare has been realizing various ways to study, treat, and care for the human body with the involvement of the AI. And notably, the trend’s involvement in media continues to blur the difference between real and synthetic at a much higher level. All these show how promising and progressive the trend has been in various practices, all of which contribute to improvement and progress as well.



Along with the innovation of gadgets are the changes in connectivity as well. Wireless technology is continuing its growth with broadband services stepping up their game to deliver competitive services in the fast-changing industry, especially as 5G is expected to make an entrance in the industry soon.


Alongside making everything highly mobile and easier to bring along, wireless technology is starting to become a more solid trend. With handy gadgets offering the services that wired technology such as televisions offer, the preference is shifting towards wireless gadgets more. Fair enough, the industry is taking advantage of it with the rise of various streaming sites and service providers.


Gone were the days that gaming devices had small LCD screens that displayed visuals in 8-bit and were considered enough to serve as entertainment. At present, game consoles, much like smartphones, have taken on a huge boost both in its performance as well as appearance. Specifically, the entrance of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality make gaming an even more exciting activity for those who enjoy it. This technological trend has made the experience a more user-involved and user-centric activity.



The trends have brought various changes to technology and we see the evident growth that it has had over the decade. And while trends continue to change, it is good to keep in mind that these arising and fading trends are what the society has influenced it to be. The advancement of technology is a product of man’s desire to constantly improve what has been made to provide comfort and entertainment to become an even greater caliber to increase the level of satisfaction that it delivers as well.


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