Why a Creative Brief is Vital when Outsourcing Creative Work

Creative design is subjective and it can be one of the reasons outsourcing creative work like graphic design can be tricky. Clients and designers may find it difficult to collaborate and communicate clearly especially via online means. But situations like this can be easily avoided with a detailed creative brief.


A creative brief is an important document that the client must fill out with their requirements and preferences before an agreement with the scope and timeline can be reached. Even if you are working with the best creative design agency that you trust, a clear creative brief ensures a smoother workflow and fewer revision rounds.


What You Want and Need

It is more likely that you and the designer will have different ideas in mind about the same thing. When you request a design work with vague requirements, you may not get the design you had in mind; it could be great design, but not the one you want.


Speed up the process by submitting a creative brief with concrete references and all your expectations. Creatives need not be spoon-fed but they are also not mind readers. Explain what you need and how you want the design to look like and include references for inspiration. That way the designer can come up with a fresh original concept with his or her own touch but still adheres to your requirements.


Scope of Work

A creative brief will dictate the scope and limitations of the project. Input specific details and guidelines for the project – these can help in plotting the timeline.


Along with the things you want to see in the design, also say specifically the things you don’t want to see. These things include colors, fonts, and other design elements.


Accurate Output and Pricing

Ultimately, a creative brief is essential for planning. The details from the creative brief will determine the scope of the project, where creative professionals will base from to calculate the estimated cost and turnaround time. A more concrete plan yields a more accurate quote. It enables both parties to come to an agreement sooner.


A creative brief also guides the designer to produce the output you expect accurately, and maybe even exceed expectations.



Creative professionals are flexible and help you craft the message and vision of your business. We are here to share with you our expertise to help you make a decision and give suggestions on the creative solutions that will work best for you.


There are times that clients consult professionals to get insight on creative direction. This may lead you to ask, “How can I put details on the creative brief if I don’t have any idea about the creative execution yet? This is why I came to you.” Don’t worry; here at MicroCreatives, just contact us and feel free to ask questions and we will be glad to help. We have separate creative briefs that depend on what you need: graphic design, branding or logo design, web development, and copywriting. Each creative brief contains all the necessary fields and questions for you to identify what you require.


The ultimate takeaway here is that creative outsourcing agencies are your partners in creative execution of your vision, and the creative brief will serve as our guide to make sure that we are going the right direction.