The Power of the Brand Logo Shape to Influence People

No matter how simple or elaborate a logo is, each detail – big or small – and each element is important and serves a purpose. Like how certain colors and shades convey specific moods. Another crucial element is the shape. How do shapes affect our decision-making in purchasing goods and services? How do shapes represent the quality of the product being advertised? What makes a brand iconic? Aside from the name, some of the world’s top brands are known for their logos.


A study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research cites that “the mere circularity and angularity of a brand logo is powerful enough to affect perceptions of the attributes of a product or company.” From an artist or a designer’s perspective, this is greatly considered. Our team at MicroCreatives work to create a strong, remarkable, and appropriate visual representation of your company’s brand. It is also vital to note that an effective brand logo also affects the trustworthiness of a company. Some of the findings include an incomplete logo will cause people to perceive the business as more forward-thinking, more innovative but less trustworthy, while a more intricate logo will pique the consumers interest and will cause them to look at it over again and like it better. But in conclusion, Amitava Chattopadhyay and the team at INSEAD suggest that the overall shape of the logo may also greatly affect how others view them in a significant way.


logo shapes

For example, circular shapes are usually associated with comfort – such as mattresses, pillows, etc. Angular shapes lean towards sturdiness and durability. In the end, it is crucial to consider that logos are an important marketing tool and can affect the overall impact of the brand’s success.