Free Download: 10 Handwriting Fonts

Calligraphy, or handwritten lettering, is gaining more popularity now than ever. Some gets into watercolor calligraphy, while others do it with pen or pencil. But not all has the budget to take calligraphy classes, or have the skills to do hands on calligraphy or as vector art. Good thing there are many amazing and beautiful handwriting fonts available for download, each with a unique style or characteristic. And a lot of these handwriting fonts can be downloaded for free! Here are 10 of the best free handwriting fonts picked out from Creative Bloq’s collection. They are great for different kinds of design project and for different purposes.



Bellaboo free font download

Made by Marcelo Reis Melo, the Bellaboo font has an authentic handwritten feel and bold design, and is ideal for headlines and posters.


Ruffle Beauty

Ruffle Beauty free font download

Ruffle Beauty by Anis Day has a playful characteristic and will look great on poster designs. Ruffle Beauty can be downloaded for free for personal and commercial use.



Dickie free font download

Made using MyScriptFont, an online tool that lets you turn your handwriting into a vector font, David Ellis, a freelance designer, has created the Dickie handwriting font.


Mink Type

Mink Type free font download

Art director Filiz Sahin created the Mink Type font stating that, “Mink Type is a cool, handpainted display typeface that was developed using brush tools in Illustrator.” Sahin also added, “Each letter had three variations include upper and lower cases so you can create a custom feel for your designs.”


Happy Fox

Happy Fox free font download

The Happy Fox typeface is a collaboration between Laura Caldentey and Fran Llull, out of the need of a thin font to use in their projects and designs.



Skinny handwriting font

The Skinny font is free even for commercial use. It is created by online artist known as notfon1234.


Gunny Rewritten

Gunny Rewritten handwriting font

Gunny Rewritten is a font made off of Vit Condak’s older Gunny Handwriting font. Condak has completely remade the design for his font and offers the ‘revision’ free to download for all.


Halo Handletter

Halo Handletter handwriting font

The Halo Handletter font was made by Mario Arturo. With over 20 fonts under his belt, Arturo’s fonts focus on fancy and script designs. Halo Handletter is only free for non-commercial use.



Yore handwriting font

Created by Behance user Poem haiku, the Yore font is a more playful take on the more traditional script typefaces.


Haiku’s Script

Haiku's Script handwriting font

Another font by Poem haiku. Haiku’s Script took three months to finish, from July to September 2011, and is free for personal use.


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