The Takeover of Logo Systems

Technology has pretty much taken over almost everything that we do. Responsive web design has been a requirement not just for better user experience but also for websites to rank higher in search engines. And in connection with responsive web design, logo design has also evolved to be more flexible. Nowadays, logo design has adapted trends that are more optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices, which in turn has affected designers’ approach to branding.


What are Logo Systems?

Dominating the logo design trends now are logo systems, in place of the usual static logo. A static logo has only one design which is used for all touch points of a brand. Meanwhile, a logo system is more dynamic and adaptive to different situations. These characteristics of a logo system allow brands to be more effective in communicating uniquely with its audience. Logo systems retain the main structure of the logo and communicate a specific aspect of a brand through changing imagery.



Perhaps one of the most noteworthy and long-standing logo systems that exist is MTV’s logo. There is always a theme which the customized design will be based on – usually an event or season, or a cause that it is promoting.


MTV logo


Google Doodles

Google Doodles is another perfect example of a logo system. Shown with a different ‘doodle’ every day, the logo is transformed to thought-provoking illustrations, animation, or games that aim to raise awareness about a certain topic or to commemorate a historical event that happened on the same day. In a way, Google reminds people of what’s going on in the world through its simple yet smart designs.


Google Doodles


Are Logo Systems for Your Brand?

In reality, not every brand or business can sustain logo systems. While very playful and current, trying to keep things moving and up-to-date means the brand will need constant updating at a good sustainable pace, and this requires a good amount of design time (and budget)! If your brand is looking to expand its reach across the World Wide Web, then a logo system is a good investment since the design can be changed instantly digitally and there is also a lot of room for exploration. Businesses that offer a variety of products and services to different target audiences that open creative opportunities for different branding and packaging designs can also benefit from a logo system.


In case you would like to try incorporating logo systems into your brand, or you’d like to update your logo design, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll listen to your job requests. Contact MicroCreatives and let’s get started today!