What Type of Graphic Designer Are You?

Let’s face it: designers AREN’T created equal. And yeah, the same goes for any field out there, but designers in particular – no matter how different – share similar qualities, preferences, and styles even in nuanced ways. Even an extraordinarily unique artist could share one trait (or two) with another one, but still sets him or her apart from many others. The point is, these commonalities, however small or big, aren’t absolute definitions of what kind of designer one is. If anything, it shows that we know ourselves better.


The design industry has different specializations, one of which is graphic design. Although even if we’re all called graphic designers, each one of us belongs to a “type” or label based on our creative process, design style, and other quirks.


What type of graphic designer are you? As you read along, it’s impossible not to think of someone (yourself included) who may or may not be one of these.


Code Master

You may not master web development coding, but you sure are a color code genius! You know all the color codes by heart, including CMYK, RGB, and HEX. Your love of colors is also a great help to your team as they don’t need to look for a color code chart.



Clear and minimalist design is your forte. For you, clutter leaves no room for creativity and consider it as a waste of resource.



When clients need designs for icons, you are the team’s go-to person. Tiny icons don’t limit you. In fact, you get inspiration from anywhere, resulting in unique and appealing designs.


Typography Whiz

Visual puns through creative typography are your thing. You see and form letters everywhere. There’s no object that you cannot create into awesome typography, that’s why logo projects excite you the most.



A natural perfectionist, your attention to detail is very keen. You make sure that every aspect of the design is in place. This type of graphic designer is usually the creative director or quality checker.


Our team at MicroCreatives are made up of unique and talented creative monsters, including graphic designers, web developers, writers, and animators. No matter what type of creative design project you need, just tell us and we’ll whip something up for you. May it be vibrant or minimal, a logo and branding project, or a typographic design, our monsters can handle it. One thing’s for sure: we are all eagle-eyed here so no detail will go amiss.