The History of Typography

“Type is power,” as pronounced by this YouTube video by Yukon-based designer and animator Ben Barrett-Forest. And he’s absolutely right. Throughout the centuries since typography was invented, it has served several purposes from its original use of being utilized for printing press, which became a necessity after scribing became too grievous and time-consuming for monks.


The video narrates the short history of typography accurately, except for one error: that print technology has been existing in the Far East for at least a few centuries before Gutenberg invented the Blackletter typeface. But other than that, it was a fascinating look at the evolution to modern typography – from print to web.


At present, typography remains to be integral in print, but its use and its impact have been far-reaching. Whether for personal or business, typefaces play an important role in how your messages, your brand can successfully convey your idea. This is a vital consideration for our team of graphic designers at MicroCreatives. We carefully select the typeface that best fits the nature of your business. A typeface also helps define or emphasize the idea of who you are and what you do. Each one is unique and functions differently.