“Famous Chunkies” Depicting the Vital Role of Visual Entertainment in Brand Management

Think of all your all-time favorite superheroes, action figures, and characters. Imagine them looking all mighty in their battle suits and armors, pretty in their dresses, and sexy in their costumes. Now, imagine them getting all fat and chunky. Hilarious, no? But equally entertaining.

A Chicago-based artist named Alex Solis illustrated a series of art works named “Famous Chunkies” where, through his art, he depicts some pop-culture characters as obese individuals, hence the title.

The Famous Chunkies are drawn to life in a way that the characters would still be recognizable despite gaining serious pounds of fat and great inches around their bellies. Looking at the figures, it’s easy to tell who is who because Alex Solis didn’t rip the characters off of their costumes, make up, and overall character. Simply put, the brand is still there.

Chunky Superman

Superman is known for his red and blue costume with the letter S inside a pentagon printed on his chest. Let’s not forget the cape. Mickey Mouse in his red short pants with two white buttons in front, white pair of gloves, and yellow pair of shoes. We know Captain America’s costume that showcase the flag of the United States – blue, red, and white, stripes and stars, right? Good.

The world we live in right now is fast-paced, express, instant, and demanding. Building your brand and keeping it are two different matters which demands different methods. Social media and the Internet is a double-edged sword. Promoting your brand and reaching more demographics is easy, but keeping your audience coming can be a daunting task.

Name and brand is your business’ life line. It is your face when dealing with your market. Think it through and thoroughly and make sure that it embodies your business in the best way possible. You can touch on the funny and unique side to tickle interest, but don’t stray away from what your business offers.

Chunky Snow White

Famous Chunkies is a clear illustration of strong branding. Despite Snow White or Wonder Woman losing their nine to one body and ridiculously slim waist, they are still recognizable because of their costumes, because of their brand.