Deck of Playing Cards for Web Developers

Have you ever wanted to connect your web developing skills along with your card game skills?

Somewhere in another part of the world, three IT professionals have thought of the same concept. Keeping with the IT or web development theme, Varianto:25, a Bulgaria-based design studio, has thought of a way to merge fun into web developer work and vice versa.

Varianto:25 is composed of Stefan Manolov, Dimitar Panov, and Valentin Dimitrov, who have tailored playing cards for web geeks, programmers, and the like. The idea of merging HTML5 and CSS3 resulted to a card deck called the Code:Deck.

Code:Deck features CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and C++ coding per card. And the cards do not feature just any random code, they show the respective card’s code; so for the jack of hearts, it shows suit: “hearts,” name: “Jack,” and so on. Well-made and sleek, the cards show the designers’ passion and attention to detail with examples of the coding such as:



But you must be thinking, I’m neither a designer nor a web developer, I’m not interested in web development and the like, and I have no idea what the codes mean. What can this deck of cards do for me? Well, to be honest, not so much. It’s a niche product and unless you have $10 to spare, with a flat rate of $5 for shipping, there are other places and other items you can waste or use your money on. Consider checking the designers’ page, it also features other card decks including CMYK cards and the Design Deck.

This card deck may be the perfect gift for designers and developers or maybe to card deck collectors. Code:Deck is surely one unique product for everyone to enjoy. Get one for yourself or for a friend today!