When is the Right Time to Outsource Creative Tasks?

Does your work feel unbearably overwhelming? Do you need a helping hand with getting through your tasks? Running a business can be hectic. Aside from core operations and business management processes, creative marketing is also vital in making your business stand out and expand its reach. These creative tasks include creating promotional content and materials, both digital and traditional (e.g. press releases, marketing campaigns, transcriptions, graphic design, blogs, and social media networks).


Doing all the work on your own or with a small group of employees can be fulfilling especially when you have reached a certain business milestone through hard work and multitasking. But multitasking is not always ideal. As your business grows, so do the work you have to handle. You and your team will inevitably face challenges and demands that may get overwhelming, and may sometimes even end up damaging to your health. 


If you already have reached this point and hiring more in-house employees is costly to be even considered an option, perhaps it’s time to outsource some of your tasks. One of the most ideal and practical is to outsource creative tasks. With these kinds of tasks, you don’t need to have an in-house creative team as usually they’re only needed occasionally, but with the guaranteed expertise that your business requires.


Creative process outsourcing (CPO) firms handle your business’s creative needs so you can focus on other business tasks to grow your business and improve your products/services.


To know if it’s time for you to consider creative process outsourcing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a way for me to improve work-related processes?
  • Do I even have the time to handle more work?
  • When was the last time I’ve had quality time for myself and with my family?

If your answers to the questions above are in the list below, then it’s time for you to get a creative outsourcing partner.

  • The employees you work with aren’t sticking to one task and have to perform multiple roles. Small businesses typically have people who work on more than one task and fill in more than one role to keep things going. However, this doesn’t give the excuse to overwork your employees, since unhappy employees do not work as efficiently as they can. There are bound to be errors along the way.
  • Mistakes that cost money keep on happening. Production errors do happen, but sometimes they can end up hurting the company revenue a lot. This could be a sign you need to outsource tasks to either eliminate mistakes or to cut costs. Also, if you’re implementing bigger and bigger budget cuts, maybe it’s time to reconsider since in-house employees are often more expensive than outsourced work.
  • Not a lot of satisfied customers. If the company is making mistakes that cost a lot of money, then it follows that there are more and more customers who are unsatisfied with the services rendered. This can be caused by multitasking which results to producing half-baked outputs.
  • You have lesser money to spend each day. This point ties in with the mistakes that cost money. Another sign you need to outsource ASAP is when your budget gets tighter by the day, which could mean you’re spending more than you make or you really aren’t making much. Hiring additional in-house employees is not practical in this matter because other than the salary, there’s the cost of insurance, workspace, resources, and paid time off, among other benefits that need to be covered. Outsourced workers on the other hand just provide the services you require and you only pay for the work rendered.
  • The business isn’t making much progress. Do you feel like the company hasn’t been progressing over the months/years? Maybe your marketing team has too many everyday tasks on their hands that they don’t even have the time to actually come up with new and fresh ideas to increase sales and grow your customers. A way to combat this is to outsource creative tasks. Your marketing team then would have more time to come up with a new and effective campaign, while your creative outsourcing partner takes care of the collaterals.
  • Your team has run out of fresh ideas. Tying in with the previous point, when the same group of people has been working and brainstorming together, things can get repetitive and old ideas are just recycled. Outsourcing can help with this situation by providing you a new set of people who will be the key to those new, rich ideas that are waiting to happen.
  • Your current team doesn’t have the right skill set. In small businesses, in-house staff is generally composed of professionals that specialize in the businesses’ routine tasks, such as back office functions, management, sales, marketing and promotion, and the main tasks to manufacture the product and/or deliver the service. Many of them wouldn’t have the right skill set when it comes to creative tasks. This can also be the reason ideas are recycled or the outputs turn to be of mediocre quality, or simply failing to deliver the desired results. With creative outsourcing agencies such as MicroCreatives, your creative projects are handled by professionals that have the right specializations – copywriting, graphic design, web development, and multimedia and animation.
  • You feel like you’re always running out of time. There’s so much to do but there’s never enough time in the day and most employees are working overtime? Not good. While work is important, rest is equally important as well. Running out of time (all the time) is a glaring sign you need to outsource. Outsourcing can free up a bit of your day so you can focus better.


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