Your World, Your Design

Perhaps, for most people, design is something which involves a tedious process of gathering thoughts and ideas, and turning them into superb concepts for your an artwork.


These days, designers spend most of their time in front of their computer screens in the usual, controlled environment—in their workstations.


However, design is not just for pros, and it’s not something that must only be crafted for profits. If you want to be a great designer, let the world be your comfort zone and let life be your inspiration.



Design by Ed Hall

Design Models

Your design discipline can range from fashion or interior design to graphic, architecture, web, game, or photography, but the fundamentals of a designer are general in essence.


There are two design models which you must know: Rational and Action-Centric.


Rational Model


To put it simply, the Rational Model is the goal-getting model that starts with an objective and produces design solutions according to purpose. Now, if you’re the type who wants a bounty, the Rational Model is something which will work for you, but this one can turn out to be a landmine on top of your head. Can you remember your dark days in college? The Rational Model is meant to school you during grimly hours which is, well, from start to finish of your design project. This model follows standards and specs, which makes it the model used in executing design projects for clients with specific requirements.


Action-Centric Model


This design model involves the designer’s own perceptions and critique of aesthetics. This literally spells Your World, Your Design. The Action-Centric Model allows an aspiring designer to be nimble and make the most out of all inspirations known to human life. It stirs nothing else but subjectivity, and it is the best stepping-stone for beginners and prodigies.


Life as Inspiration

Now, to become a great designer, you must have a wide imagination and an open mind to absorb all the changes and possibilities, to create the best design out of the inspirations around you. At the same time, a great designer also knows how to adhere to design ethics and principles, as well as best practices.


So, what we’re trying to say is that your design model should not be just Rational or just Action-Centric. For the most part, it should be Action-Centric with a dash of Rational. Take inspiration from life. Everything around you, be it alive or inanimate, should mean something to you.


Don’t let the words process, model, design, Rational, and Action-Centric wear you out. The only words you need to remember are inspiration and life. Let life inspire you in the simplest way.


Design is always meant to serve a purpose, and for whatever purpose it is made, you have a world of ideas to inspire you to craft your masterpiece. Let life inspire you to dwell in a world of art. And most importantly, never limit yourself within your workstation. The world is your oyster!


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